Has the PS4's Lack of Backward Compatibility Affected Your PS3 Purchases?

Push Square: "Sony was fairly clear about the state of PlayStation 4 backward compatibility during last month’s PlayStation Meeting. While revered Gaikai gaffer David Perry had already alluded to the lack of native PlayStation 3 support during his portion of the press conference, Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida later confirmed that the upcoming console will not support your current generation content in any meaningful manner. But has the revelation affected your usual purchasing habits in any way?"

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NYC_Gamer1976d ago

I'll continue to buy the PS3 software that catches my attention regardless

rezzah1976d ago

I'm doing the same, unless if there is a PS4 version I'll buy that instead.

Conzul1976d ago

Yup. I'm holding off on Beyond and TLoU till the last moment, in case there's a PS4 version announced. And if they're as good as they look, I'll probs buy both versions anyway and sell back the PS3 copies when I get the PS4.

MikeMyers1976d ago

I want my digital content to carry over when I get a PS4. It only makes sense. My physical copies I'm not too worried about because that's why I have a PS3 and will keep it. Since I can't copy my digital content I want it linked to my Playstation account and be there when I want to access it. Having it stored on my hard drive offline isn't really the best situation.

darthv721975d ago

For me, i recently got a vita and was actually displeased with having to deactivate one of my psp's in order to activate the vita. Even though i wasnt using the vita for any of the digital psp games that are on my psp's. So in my case i have a unit i cant use for digital games that i paid for.

Sony should change the number of activated systems on a users account. There are games on my PSP that arent available to be played on the vita but because i wanted to download vita games, i had to sacrifice (one of) my psp and its content.

I really hope they dont enact the same restrictions on the ps4. Especially if the ps4 does not support previous digital content on the ps3. It would flat out suck if you had to deactivate the ps3 in order to activate the ps4 on your account.

It might not be a big deal on the physical games but like you...I too have digital ones i would still like to play.

MikeMyers1975d ago


What they could do is make it so that you can only sign in on one device at a time. That would cut out multiple people playing the same purchased content. Meaning your friend or your brother couldn't pretend they were you.

DRM has already existed on the Playstation Network.

Game sharing became an issue as well. I just want to be able to access my content through my account and hopefully the PS4 will allow Gaikai to stream PS3 games I bought without adding an extra surcharge.

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adorie1976d ago

My PS3 isn't working right now, but you can bet I still have The Last of Us pre-ordered and I'm going to do the same with Beyond: Two Souls, too!

Persistantthug1976d ago

I'm very concerned about my PSN download games that I've purchased.

I'm awaiting more word from Sony.

LackTrue4K1976d ago

the title to this makes no sense...?!
i already have a ps3, and I already got my mind set on the ps4.

If there's any doubt, its Xbox owners.

Donnieboi1976d ago

But the only topic here is backwards compatibility. So why would an xbox gamer (specifically) care about that?

badz1491976d ago

And...I will get the PS4 at launch. So...I'm good

lephunk1976d ago

me too! one at my GFs crib.. One in my room and one in Living room...
oh... and vita in the bathroom...

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Lucreto1976d ago

Not really, I will still have my PS3.

The PS4 won't have a constant stream of games as the start so I can go back to the PS3 for a while.

Sony do have a lot more time to explain on how they might do in the future.

KwietStorm1976d ago

I would normally say the same, but the launch lineup at the moment is looking pretty substantial, and of course you wouldn't have to get them all at once.

Lucreto1976d ago (Edited 1976d ago )

I like Killzone, Watch dogs and Assassin's Creed IV.

We don't have a full list on launch titles yet and I expect it to change coming up to launch.

1up1976d ago

wait what no constant stream of games! the ps4 is doomed!

LOGICWINS1976d ago

Nope, I'm keeping my PS3 until it breaks. When it does break, I'll chalk it up to the universe telling me that I need to get a PS4.

LiViNgLeGaCY1976d ago

But....what if it NEVER EVER breaks!? =P

LOGICWINS1976d ago

lol I hadn't considered that possibility.

LiViNgLeGaCY1976d ago

Haha that'd be crazy. But seriously, my purchases won't be affected in the slightest. Because while I do fully intend on buying a PS4, I'm definitely keeping my PS3 as well.

So no worries!! :D

Canary1976d ago

When my PS3 breaks, I'll buy another PS3.

Because of lack of backwards compatability, I won't even consider (ever) buying a PS4. IMHO, it's really only in the past year or two that the PS3's library got strong enough to stand on its own w/out b/c titles. The Wii and 360 (IMHO) never got there.

LOGICWINS1976d ago (Edited 1976d ago )

If you get another PS3, you should probably consider trading your broken PS3 in to Sony and getting a refurbished PS3 Slim for $99.

EDIT: And yeah, I'm not even going to consider buying a PS4 when the PS3 is still pumping out games like The Last of Us, Beyond, Yakuza 5, GTAV, Bioshock Infinite etc.

Hicken1976d ago (Edited 1976d ago )

So this is your last generation of Sony consoles, then?

Sorry, but that's such an utterly STUPID reason for not buying a console. You'll pass up on any and all games on the PS4 because the PS4 won't play PS3 games? So what was the point in buying a PS1? Or an original Xbox? Or any of the dozens of consoles that are not the PS2, PS3, Xbox, or Wii? Did you only JUST start gaming with the PS2? Because until then, NO CONSOLE HAD BACKWARD COMPATIBILITY. With the reason you give, I can only assume you must have skipped out on buying ANY consoles until at least then, right?

I mean, since the lack of backward compatibility is a big enough reason why you wouldn't buy the PS4.

But hell, I guess most people just buy new consoles to play their old games, right?


Edit: Then again, reading your impression of the libraries of all three consoles, I guess it makes sense for you.

sitharrefus1976d ago

my ps3 will become a bluray player on my future office then i can play ps3 games from there xD

TheRealHeisenberg1976d ago

Nope, because I have no intention of buying a PS4 unless/until it is $300 USD or less. Again, I can wait. There are still plenty of things coming to PS3 and I have a gigantic backlog of games to keep me busy for years to come.

Skynetone1976d ago

sure it will drop 50$ a year, but waiting 2 years to save a 100$, the ps4 will give me hours of entertainment for that extra 100$

lifes 2 short to save a 100$ over 2 years

TheRealHeisenberg1976d ago


"lifes 2 short to save a 100$ over 2 years"

Indeed, which is exactly why I'll be busy doing other things in life while the PS4's price drops. See how that works?

Ju1976d ago

Fair assessment. They won't sell 70M PS4s in a day. It probably will take a while to get there.