6 Things I Want To See in the Next Tomb Raider

GR's Daniel Hill writes:

There's no question about it - Tomb Raider is back. With Crystal Dynamics knocking one out of the park with its reboot of the nearly irrelevant (not anymore!) franchise, there is no question that Lara's presence will soon be a regular thing once again in the gaming world. While I absolutely adored every moment spent with this game and with it being well-received by DeShaun, there are still a few things I would love to see included/improved upon in the inevitable sequel.

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Number-Nine2096d ago (Edited 2096d ago )

I want the hunting to be something like MGS3. If youre low on food consumption it can affect accuracy, maybe blurr vision, and possibly affects your climbing abilities.

I would def love more puzzles. I really enjoyed how some were integrated into the environments. More of those would be a plus. Also, more tombs to raid.

New game +.

Kietz2096d ago

Back-flips and dinosaurs?
If so, no thanks.

_LarZen_2096d ago

New story and new exciting locations...the rest is just fine as it is.

Human Analog2096d ago

I want more tombs, and less shooting people. It struck me funny that in a game named tomb raider, they called the actual tombs "optional".

HorrorGod2096d ago

I saw the whole island as the "tomb." in "Tomb Raider."

Plagasx2096d ago

Backflips and big (.)(.) is all I want.

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