GamesBeat: Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon rebels against portability (review)

Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon is a puzzle-rich wonderland full of irreverent humor and clever level design, but it cannot overcome the 3DS’s limitations. Tilt controls and the lack of a second analog stick really tarnishes an otherwise amazing game.

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JeffGrubb1729d ago

Sounds just good enough to me. I'll pick this up!

darkronin2291729d ago

The 3DS is looking more tempting for me each passing week. C'mon, Nintendo, lower that price for us poor folk...

toxiconflict1729d ago

You're kidding right? They already did lower the price from 250 to 170. That's very affordable.

SnipeySnake1728d ago

You should look out for some sales. I've seen 2 already in the past 3 months that lowered the 3DS to $130 and XL to $160 (how i got my XL actually).

AronDeppert1729d ago

I didn't have any issues with the controls. But regardless I can vouch this game is a must - have.