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Who will win the next Console War?

With the next generation of consoles knocking at our door, the question on most people’s mind is who will win the next generation war: PlayStation, Microsoft or Nintendo.

Will PS4 take advantage of its full potential and win the next generation console race? (Microsoft, Next-Gen, Nintendo, PlayStation, PS4, Wii U, Xbox One)

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iGAM3R-VIII  +   794d ago
Depends, we already have a clear overview of the PS4, we only don't know what the console will look like (but who cares. If all of these Xbox 720 rumors are true then I personally think the PS4 can win. I would never buy an always online game but imagine what an always online console would be like. Matienence would mean no play time, and servers would constantly need observing. Just look at how SimCity went down, in my overall thoughts if all of these rumors and specs come to shape, the PS4 can win. I am sure everyone will have a clear answer by E3
AmayaAi  +   794d ago
Agreed. I can't really wait for E3 to arrive and enlighten us about how gaming is going to be over the next 5-7 years.
subtenko  +   793d ago
PS4 because right now the next xbox aint looking so good with all this DRM talk. They would have to pull out something crazy in their hat to gain the lead. So with that all in mind it looks like PS will easily pull out on top this time like when PS2 came out. PS3 took awhile but it got there and now because of its success we have the next phase with PS4 finally :)
Ritsujun  +   793d ago
That girl won every single war.
_QQ_  +   793d ago
i know allot of people who do nothing but play cod, nba2k13,Madden and halo/gears, i think those guys will buy their xbox again, plus i know ms will probably drop 360 support but sony will keep ps3 for a while like they did with ps2, i think the xbox will sell more at first because xbox owners/ fans will have more reason to buy one, while ps3 owners will be good for at least another 2-3years if they wanted to wait. it may change after that but really who knows. The wiiu will start selling well once it has games released,and as the cheapest console it will be the first thing parents consider for their kids, plus if that big casual market of old ladies and family still exsists next gen then that market probably will go to wiiu.
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THC CELL  +   793d ago
Gamers will win with ps4
ps3_pwns  +   793d ago
i agree wii u will not win thats for sure and the only way x720 would win is if people didnt know it was a rip off and taking away there god given rights. the only way x720 could come close to winning is if people like halo fps all day more then having more games and tons of different kinds of games and japanese games that the ps4 will offer. out of x720/ps4 the ps4 will have more games and the better quality third party games and more dlc xclusivity. someone please tell me why you would get an x360 under these circumstances if it and the ps4 end up being the same price. i just want to understand your thinking
3rdDimension  +   793d ago
I remember a time when people said 3ds and Wii would loose the race...
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ps3_pwns  +   793d ago
The wii is no longer in the race. white like a rabbit, this is a turtle race son.
_QQ_  +   793d ago
other than the third party part you basically described the wiiu when describing the ps4, it's still anyones game.
ozstar  +   793d ago
Cupid_Viper_3  +   793d ago
As in "hot air"?
ozstar  +   793d ago
Yep, steam powered consoles are the way of the future, the way of the future, the way of the future
Gamer-40  +   793d ago
We gamers, but wallet dead..
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mcstorm  +   793d ago
I agree. Gamers win in the end as we will have 3 very good consoles with some of the best games ever made on all 3.
flappersack  +   793d ago
I always see that thumbnail with the girl holding the controllers. No idea who it is. But she's a babe.
Max-Zorin  +   793d ago
The gamers that know how to have fun and don't berate others for having a different system, preferences, etc. will win the war.
Mnemonic-DK  +   793d ago
Article has a ?-mark in headline.

Instant fail.
Dms2012  +   793d ago
Yeah, the ? In the headline pretty much kills any article for me.
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Walker  +   793d ago
I think PS4 will win, Flawsless Victory indeed !
josephayal  +   793d ago
Flawsless Victory for SONY
TimeSkipLuffy  +   793d ago
No one will win the war. All of them have a loyal fanbase. There will be a winner in regards of sales but that does not mean the company has won the war!
N0S3LFESTEEM  +   793d ago
The true winners will be anyone playing next-gen games.
edonus  +   793d ago
This guy has no idea what he is talking about.

1 Destiny isnt being developed exclusively for the Ps4. That is a lie.

Another thing specs are nice and all but architecture on how those things are used is just as important if not more.

The biggest reveal that this guy is just another poisoned Sony fanboy is he talks like MS and sony dont share 90% if not more of the same games. Then he tries to down play kinect and doesnt even acknowledge Sony just copied it for the Ps4.

What I find amusing is these people have made up this world were kinect snt fun and doesnt work or sell units and games. They let IGN and Kotaku make their opinions for them.

Heres a fun little challenge name 10 Ps3 exclusives that have come out since the launch of Kinect that totals 20 million units sold, but the catch is you cant use Uncharted(because its a blockbuster franchise that competes with Gears if we include it we would have to include Gears) GT(because its an old established franchise much like Halo if we include GT we would have to include Halo) or Sports Champion (sells as part of the MOVE unit if we include that we would have to include Kinect Adventure which would be slaughter).

This challenge is interesting because I can give you 10 kinect games that total 20 million in sales are all exclusives and based solely on kinect.

The poison has blinded you guys too much Kinct is a force to be reckoned with, it has done everything and then some but you guys filter your world with this made up illusion of a bumbling device that no one likes when its actually winning awards and breaking records.
Cupid_Viper_3  +   793d ago
Yes the article has many weak points, and the author should have spent more time doing research.

But the same thing can be said for your post as well. you're talking of Sony Copying MS with a camera, when Sony have been using camera's for their consoles since the PlayStation 2. The Xbox 360 didn't even exist yet, simple google search would clear that up for you.

But secondly, outside of consoles, SONY manufactures and sells cameras as well. So it's not only a stretch to say they're copying MS in that department, it's just blatant stupidity at that point.

and to your point about 10 games selling 20 millions combined. I don't see how that's relevant since the XBox 360 is the least selling console of the generation.

Bet I can name you 10 exclusives that that have won plenty of GOTY awards...but I doubt you're interested that.

Here's a better challenge,can anyone come you 10 AAA games that $500,000,000.00 could have funded?

Or how about a top 10 list of what you could spend that kind of money on?

And anyone who convinces themselves that Kinect works as advertised is full of themselves. Project Natal with Milo.
edonus  +   793d ago
If you cant tell the difference between and RGB camera and a 3d camera (with an infrared sensor) you clearly arent ready for the big boy conversations yet.

The reason 10 games selling 20 million is relevant is because it shows there is a market just as strong as the one you cling to. While you feed each other nonsense and false information about how horrible motion gaming and kinect is there is another group buying playing and enjoying the products and they have proven to be as big and important as those that read IGN and visit N4G.

Awards and review scores are a products of opinion so a GOTY award judge by people that hate the idea of something is a terrible way to justify its status. People vote with their wallets and that is the true goal of all these companies. The half a billion you mention was recouped and then some with in the first 5 months of its release.

I own the kinect and have played its games and am good at playing them, I use it as much as I play Halo4 and Battlefield3, Marvel vs Capcom 3, Mass Effect3, Skyrim and currently Gear Judgement just to name a few. I know what the system can actually do and i know it limitations and I can say that kinect is a solid device that delivered what it could with what it had available.

I wont even get in Milo because you dont even understand the difference between a camera and a 3d camera... i'm sure you wont understand Milo is a software processing power issue that has nothing to do with kinect. There is no improvements they could make just to kinect to make something like that work.
Cupid_Viper_3  +   793d ago
That's a whole lot of nonsense son.

"If you cant tell the difference between and RGB camera and a 3d camera (with an infrared sensor) you clearly arent ready for the big boy conversations yet."

No one is saying an RBG Camera is the same as a 3D Camera. What I'm saying is that there's no way that Sony took that Idea from Microsoft. Using a camera to track motion is something Sony was doing with consoles before Microsoft. So if anyone is copying, it's Microsoft.

A 3D camera is nothing but a natural evolutionary step for cameras. Sony have been making cameras since before Microsoft even got into the console business. That's like saying Sony is copying Microsoft in the HD department because the Xbox 360 was the first HD Console out the market.

Or saying the Wright Brothers are copying Boeing when it comes to airplanes, it just makes no sense at all.

"Awards and review scores are a products of opinion so a GOTY award judge by people that hate the idea of something is a terrible way to justify its status. People vote with their wallets and that is the true goal of all these companies."

You're hilarious son. People buy whatever they're exposed to, and exposure comes in the way of marketing. And the Kinect was destined to fail commercially, and MS knew it, that's one of the reason that $500 million was set aside just for marketing it.

"The reason 10 games selling 20 million is relevant is because it shows there is a market just as strong as the one you cling to."

You're implying that there's people out there who cannot wait for the next installment of Zumba Fitness, and Just Dance 5?

My man, give me $500 million and I can sell 20+ million of pretty much anything. Nintendo's made the same mistake with the Wii U, thinking that the millions who flock to the Wii, would get the Wii U. But that market has proven to be a fickle one. But watch what will happen if they put $500 million in marketing the Wii U.
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edonus  +   792d ago
And again... your not using a CAMERA you are using a 3D CAMERA. The systems and theories of their tracking and mapping are nothing a like especially when you throw in the infrared sensor. You just truly might not understand it.

A 3d camera is not the natural evolution of a camera. There is a whole big thing I could in to about this but take a shortcut to the major point. Kinect using a infrared sensor totally voids that idea sense a infrared sensor would in no way be a standard part of your camera.

Kinect and 3d cameras are made with one major thing in mind and thats capturing depth. Cameras cant capture depth so they are tools for completely different tasks.

If your entire argument is people by what they are exposed to then then why doesnt the same things apply to Ps3 or any other device that has ever been successful that had a commercial.. And Kinect is an advance peripheral of course they would need to market it.

What i am implying is there is a large group of people that arent scared off or view kinect or motion gaming as a negative and have genuine interest that can be transformed in to support. All because we scour the internet looking for every nugget of gaming information we can find doesnt make our purchases any more significant than the soccer mom that that thought her daughter would love Just Dance.

On a side note a major problem kinect has with the core gamers is they dont have it to play it. So they have no real reference or experience with the device. For instance every reviewer has told you Steel Battalion is broken so its a bad game. It worked fine for me and a few others out there. According to the available data not even 100K have even tried the game. I say when kinect is standard when more people will be able to decide for themselves and not be manipulated by bias media.

And the Wii U was actually marketed as being geared toward the core gamers. They would probably be having much more success right now if they would have doubled down on the motion control gaming.
Mr_Writer85  +   793d ago
But you invalid your argument by taking away the big hitters, so you need to tailor the argument so you can 'win' it.

And Sports Champion DOESNT come as part of the MOVE at all so again invalid.

Oh and btw as for Kinect, the eye toy from 2003 says hi ;)

Using your same rules no Uncharted or Gears, no GT or Halo, and no Sports Champion or Kinect adventures, name me 10 Xbox Exclusives that have a better metacritic total score then...

Little Big Planet 2 - 91
Heavy Rain - 87
Killzone 3 - 84
Team ICO collection - 92
Resistance 2 - 89
Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch - 86
The Sly Collection - 85
Warhawk - 84
Resistance 3 - 83
Ratchat and Clank - 83

Total = 846

So 10 Xbox exclusives since 2011 NO Gears, Halo games and no Kinect adventure. Again games which scored more then 846.

Oh and they HAVE to be FULL retail, so no arcade games ;)
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PKKHaseo  +   793d ago
Maybe I haven't made it clear enough. When it comes to next gen Destiny has only been announced on the PS4. Also I don't have a problem with the Kinect 2, I have a problem with MS focusing their new console around Kinect 2. And last thing, motion control isn't the future for gaming, and it's not the thing that will replace our traditional means of controlling games, simply because not everyone can use the Kinect(gamers with disabilities for instance). P.S: next xbox and ps4 use about the same PC architecture x86-64.
edonus  +   793d ago
You definitely didnt make it clear, and kinect was never meant to replace traditional means as much as extend and enhance our gaming experiences. And its not the future its part of it though. We have only scratched the surface of motion gaming. I have seen great things done already with the Wii MOVE and Kinect, next gen will give devs this power standard I expect great things.

And your insanity is showing with "the not everyone can use kinect argument".....not everyone can use a controller, what about someone missing a hand. Despite the poison that has been injected in to you; you dont have to stand up or move around to play every game and use every feature, some features are subtle but very helpful like facial recognition and voice commands. Ive seen the tech where it does head tracking turning your tv in to a 3d display and that would work as long as you have a head. The extension kinect gives are part of gamings future.

And the whole focusing on kinect nonsense, are you not suppose to focus on thing you invent especially when they are successful. Sony focued on Blu ray and now has the standard media format for movies and probably soon all disc based media.
solidboss07  +   793d ago
Wow, comparing PS3 exclusives to Kinect games Ha ha, good 1, you're a funny little chap, ain't ya.
If Microsoft had 40 Kinect titles and sold 100 Million copies of Kinect games you still loose the argument kid, don't you see that? Nevermind.
I don't know about winning console wars but....... ah fuck it, PS4 Baby. XBox really is an un-refined piece of shit. Disagree, I live in a free society, but I am right.
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Software_Lover  +   793d ago
There is no console war. Its just a drummed up Fanboy fed meadia headline. There is a sell enough hardware and software to make a profit business. These 3, oh sorry, Sony and Microsoft will continually be supported by The big publishers and devs on a regular basis.

Who sells the most tv's? Dishwashers? Fridges? Exactly, it doesn't matter because they are all still here.
Sweelix  +   793d ago
SDF Repellent  +   793d ago
LOL, why do I have a feeling that whoever wrote this garbage piece got an account on N4G.

A couple of exerts:
"And with rumors like the console requiring an always on internet connection and not supporting playing used game, I’d say GAMERS should keep away from the new Xbox720." LOL, sounds familiar around here.

"The biggest surprise was the announcement of Destiny, a game being exclusively developed for the PS4 by Bungie Studios" Please, this guy is totally clueless which is also a trait common on N4G. smh
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AngelicIceDiamond  +   793d ago
His intelligence fits perfectly with this site. Its funny how people have extreme short term memories. Once the PS3 got announced people were writing articles such as this one. And people were saying "The PS3 will make the Xbox 360 the next dreamcast."

At the time sure I was thinking the same thing except I wasn't being a fanboy about it. I was looking at history and how PS2 dominated.

Well that tuned out not to be the case and (sadly) MS fanboys were re-born. For a large amount of this generation.

The past couple of years the PS3 simply put out more first party games then Xbox and Sony fans stormed the interment once again. Lol that's enough incentive for them.

Fast Forward today and a similar situation is happening as we speak except the new Xbox has not been announced.

As excited and happy Sony fanboys are and trashing everything else like typical fanboy fashion be prepared for an equal upset. If early days of this gen is anything to go by.

Fanboys never learn and have bad memories.

In terms winning? Fanboys never win, Real gamers win.
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Jek_Porkins  +   793d ago
Ezz2013  +   793d ago
Lies ...Burn :P
Lone_Man  +   793d ago
My D!<k
ninjahunter  +   793d ago
Lol, sony and microsoft win XD they get to make a product that makes people fight for them and give them their money.
puamdefokejpn  +   793d ago
My honest opinion,..

PR_FROM_OHIO  +   793d ago
Didn't care who won this gen nor do I care who wins next gen all I care about is enjoying the hell out of my PS4!!!! Only losers care who wins like they work for the companies or some shit LMFAO!!
MasterCornholio  +   793d ago
Hopefully hardcore gamers
Bumpmapping  +   793d ago
PS4 of coure.
IRetrouk  +   793d ago
Its anyones for the taking, personaly im going for a ps4, then if ms impress will get that second, wii u eventually if they can get some games on there that interest me, this whole console war is bs, started by the media to get more hits, as long as all three have games then we are all set.
BabyTownFrolics  +   793d ago

I will buy both consoles cause that's how i roll.
IRetrouk  +   793d ago
Damn your a good looking avatar lol
Nevers0ft  +   793d ago
It depends how you look at it...
If you don't work for a console manufacturer and you actually care who "wins" you're already a loser.
FAT MAN GO BOOM  +   793d ago
Gamers... of course... nothing better than competition for OUR Money...

Means that game companies will do what ever they can to get it...
cedaridge  +   793d ago
I will make no decision until I see the Microsoft conference.
puamdefokejpn  +   793d ago
I mean seriously,.. I doubt it is going to be wii-U (regardless the price),.. And it won't be xbox next,.. since PS3 overtook it, while launching a year and a half later(here in Europe) and it is still more expensive than 360 by quite a bit,..And will still sell 3 years from now.

US market is huge,.. but even if everyone would prefer nexbox ,.. and that is not true,.. Sony will still win hard,..

In the end it really does not matter,.. As long as they stay in the game and you keep getting games,..and exclusives you like.
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Mr_Writer85  +   793d ago
It will be close between PS4 and Xbox, and it will be whoever captures the Euro market.

Japanese will buy PS4 over Xbox
Americans will buy the Xbox over PS4

Europeans will buy the console with the better games.
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