Is it time for Trip Hawkins to come back to EA?

When Trip Hawkins started EA back in 1982, he championed for the developers and the people that made their games, and their company, great. Can Larry Probst and the rest of the EA board turn things around on their own, or is it time to bring the organization back to what made them great all those years ago?

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yewles12093d ago (Edited 2093d ago )

He can come back on one condition:

NO MORE $700 3DO's!!!

DoublePlusGoodGames2093d ago

We talked about that with Trip Hawkins on our show last year. The reason why those systems were so darned expensive was that to entice game publishers, 3DO would only charge a $3 royalty rate per game. Sega and Nintendo, were charging $20. Because 3DO wasn't collecting royalties on each game, they had to make a profit on the hardware itself.

I picked up my 3DO (FZ-1) and Fifa Soccer, Samurai Showdown and Star Control 2 from Incredible Universe all for $629.97 which is less than I paid for my Neo Geo system and one cart.

Definitely agree with you that cheaper always appears better to the general consumer though.

BlackIceJoe2092d ago

I think this would be pretty neat. I do believe he has his own new video game company though. It may just be for iPhone and phones like that. But he still has his hand in some form back in video games.

Say what you want about the 3D0 but if it would have worked it would have been very good for game developers. I remember hearing it was a dream to work on this system over the more well known ones. It was to be really open ended which would have been great for making great use out of the system. So if he was to come back to EA could be cool.

DoublePlusGoodGames2092d ago

I absolutely agree. As for his most recent company, Digital Chocolate, he stepped down as CEO last year and is actively consulting in the games sector so he'd absolutely be available for the gig.

The 3DO was waaaaaaay ahead of it's time and is very similar to the marketing/development platform the original Xbox launched with. The idea was make it affordable for the developers to make the games and you'll have both sides flocking to the system to make, or purchase, titles.

Personally, I still think the 3DO was the best console of it's day and have titles like Road Rash, Need for Speed, Star Control 2, Return Fire, Cannon Fodder and a nearly arcade perfect port of Street Fighter Championship Edition (with Q sound, no less) to prove it.