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Beyond: Two Souls – Cage unveils opus in Paris | VG247

VG247: "Beyond: Two Souls is a very impressive video game, and probably the most exciting current-gen prospect. The wait for October promises to be excruciating." (Beyond: Two Souls, PS3)

LOL_WUT  +   677d ago
Wow Willem Dafoe is in this? Nice
Bathyj  +   677d ago
Yeah, its amazing how they've really captured how ugly he is.
r21  +   677d ago
Hey, you dont wanna make Dafoe out of Willem. Man, that was horrid. Forgive me D:
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Game looks great. Like the bullet time.
ps3_pwns  +   677d ago
playstation exclusive. some of you gonna learn the hard way by turning your back on the playstation.
cyhm3112  +   677d ago
David Cage is definitely underrated, his game is different, has engaging storyline, fun to play, make you want to see how the story ends.
Bathyj  +   677d ago
Looking better and better
YoungKingDoran  +   677d ago
Sounds terrific. I hope it is successful, they deserve it.
DoesUs  +   677d ago
Once again, the PS3 strutting its stuff! 2013 seems like it will be quite a swansong for this ageing box. Just when you think console gaming has peaked, along comes something that pushes even further. Seems its the PS3 that does all the pushing.
Sevir  +   677d ago
They said they Got Dev kits for the ps4 a year after
Heavy Rain Launched, and they took some of technology and brought it over to the ps3... IGN called the engine a diet PS4 rendering engine on the PS3, I'm saying it now, After Beyond releases Quantic Dream will be purchased to become first party.
kingPoS  +   677d ago
You gotta love variety of titles on displayed by Sony. There seems to be a genre for everyone on the ps3. Most people aree bound to have at least two or three favorite games on on Sony's game systems.

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