Episodic Gaming: Is It The Future?

"With the recent success of Telltale’s The Walking Dead video game, people are starting to wonder if episodic content is the future of gaming. Truth be told, even full priced games such as the Mass Effect series are pretty much episodic in terms of story. " |

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Monkeycan81769d ago

No, But it is one of the many options in gaming that we have now and will have more of in the future.

TbreakingP1769d ago

I certainly hope not - Jeremy

Iltapalanyymi1769d ago

i wouldnt mind if more episodic gaems would come.

phinch1769d ago

I like how it was done with the walking dead, but i believe it could be easily be milked for more money in the hands of companies like activision and ea

Agent_00_Revan1769d ago

People asked the exact same question when Half Life tried it out, and we all know how that turned out....

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