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How Can Nintendo Possibly Right the Wii U Ship? Let's Discuss.

SuperPhillip Central writes, "The Wii U is not doing well in sales across the globe. There is just little enthusiasm for the system, despite this week seeing some excellent titles released for it. While I am not in the category of people asking for a time of death for the system, I do believe that the window of time to turn around the Wii U is slowly but steadily closing. This article delves into possible ways Nintendo can fix the current sales problems with the Wii U, whether through new tactics or even new management." (Nintendo, Satoru Iwata, Wii U)

Neoninja  +   895d ago
I agree with some of the suggestions in the article.
I don't think a price cut would do any good, mostly because its little to no marketing for the Wii U! I haven't seen one freaking commercial for the thing since it's launch! I'm not saying buy up all the air time, but show something.
The other thing are the games! Many of the games coming out for the Wii U have already been out for the 360/PS3! You get a been there done that feel with it. Why drop a few hundred when I can have the same experience on the console I already own?
Its bad enough there is a stigma that the Wii U is basically a slightly better 360/PS3, and having no marketing just makes it that much hard to differentiate itself from competition.
Will the Wii U be an utter failure.......No
I believe it's going to take a massive hit though.
I think Nintendo needs to have a great showing at the next big gaming convention and show what you can expect in the very near future!
The biggest they need to do is market! My god pay for some air time and show people your product!
Phil32  +   895d ago
Well, I mentioned a bigger marketing presence in the article. I think that combined with a price cut and, as I put it, "a steady stream of games" would give the Wii U more life. I can't say it would completely turn around the system's fortunes, but it would certainly not hurt.
Neoninja  +   895d ago
What's the point of a price cut if they're not gonna advertise it?
Like you said in the article I think a change of management would do wonders!
Bring in some fresh people and also like you said do a rebranding of their product.

Sometimes I wonder if they even had a game plan with the Wii U or if they honestly thought people would jump on the bandwagon like they did the with the Wii.
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VINNIEPAZ  +   895d ago
Loving mine right now playing Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate!!

Worth every penny :)
xursz  +   895d ago
The problem with MH3U is that MH3 was already on the Wii and 3U is just an enhanced version of that so MH fans already played it.

Aside from that I want to see things other than the usual Nintendo stuff. Smash bros., Zelda, Metroid and Mario pals is already overdone for me honestly - obviously Hardcore Nintendo fans aren't going to agree with that but hardcore Nintendo fans already bought the system and it's failing so quite honestly its irrelevant if they agree or not.

For me "X" is the only thing I can see interesting for Wii u in the future. I'd like for Nintendo to keep supporting new types of games and ideas that we're not already 100% familiar with.
_QQ_  +   895d ago
other than NSMBU, the games you mentioned havn't even been announced yet let alone released, so how exactly do the wiiu's low sales represent people's intrest in those games.
MNGamer-N  +   895d ago
More games. Period. They are coming soon, and when they do, more people will want to play the U.
Merrill  +   895d ago
Simple, release games.

Without the power of the incoming consoles the Wii U will be largely over looked by third parties. Another Nintendo console basically only supported by a few Nintendo first party releases a year.

They really screwed up on the timing of the console and performance/power.
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ylwzx3  +   895d ago
I think it was rushed to release because they knew the next round of systems was next year. Everything about it just shows at this point...
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TuxedoMoon  +   895d ago
A console is simply nothing without games. The wii-u just needs amazing games to sell the system as well as good ads.
DA_SHREDDER  +   895d ago
The fact of the matter is Nintendo will eventually hit its stride, just not now, not without their essential first party lineup. Honestly the machine is a little over priced. And in that not because it doesn't have a lot to offer. It's just the standard has been set in certain areas. But that's their Trojan Horse as well. The controller is freakin sick. And despite only doing a few things well, it is set in stone that the only place to go now from here is up. I mean, imagine how many systems are gonna sell when mario, zelda, and other first party franchises come out. Oh, and btw, Lego City is freaking amazing. I don't know why noone is talking about Monster Hunter, oh yeah, the WiiU doesn't collect dust over here.

Edit: p.s. stop the Nintendo loom and gloom if you don't wanna be labeled as a faker in the future.
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Grimhammer00  +   895d ago
You do have to wonder if Ninny even has analysts.

Common sense dictates that you
a) you have many AAA titles at launch that are 1st party ....typically they are the games that show off the new console best.
B) know your enemy. If your going to preempt them you better be ready! Again ...that means games throughs the head start window.
C) marketing
D) don't assume a gimmick is going to wow people into buying. Especially since the first time was obviously a degree of luck and innovation.
Tablet style game pad is not innovation it's trend following.

The areas that are where ninny falters most are also the key to core gamers next gen. Online infrastructure and third party support.

Think about this....Wii was incredibly successful hardware sales. Yet had standard horrible third party support! No way that's changing until Ninny gut their management. And that's never going to happen.
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khowat  +   895d ago
i think a lot of people think of the gamepad as a i pad with controls but in my opinion it's a controller with a screen on it, just another way of thinking
apollo06  +   895d ago
This month is going to be great for Wii U owners. There are a ton of already great games on the Wii U eshop and with Lego City Undercover, Monster Hunter and Need for Speed, this month is definitely looking great....

Now if we could only get dates for The Wonderful 101, Pikmin 3 and Game and Wario....
ger2396  +   895d ago
They should have released it 2 years ago, their competition would have been the ps3 and Xbox 360. Now it's those two consoles plus the ps4 and Xbox 720.
Neoninja  +   895d ago
That's an interesting way of looking at it and I partially agree. I want to say they should have waited and done more with the hardware instead of (in my opinion) the bare minimum. The tablet controller is interesting, but its nothing to write home about either.
They need to push games, and push them fast.
It would be cool to see a few more mature games. Not necessarily blood and guts violence games, but mature in story. Here's hoping Nintendo get's their act together.
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just-joe  +   895d ago
GAMES! You don't need a analyst or write a damn essay to figure out what the system needs. It's a game console not open heart surgery.
yeahokchief  +   894d ago
Let's not. Games.
CaulkSlap  +   894d ago
Everyone keeps mentioning games. Are you forgetting that the Wii's success had absolutely nothing to do with games or especially game quality? It definitely had some damned good Nintendo first party games. The big seller was the Wiimote gimmick appeal to casuals and a lower price point than the competition (although still a rip-off for rehashed gamecube hardware). But the sales just fizzled after 4 years. Nintendo tried the gimmick route again with the WiiU but it has utterly failed to resonate like the Wiimote did.

Games will definitely help the WiiU gain some ground but Nintendo has really backed themselves into a corner this generation. Weak hardware (for next-gen) and bad policy means poor 3rd party support. They'll have the same fanboy support buying Nintendo 1st party but its only enough to sustain at best Gamecube era sales.

I'll just wait for the price drop like the 3DS.
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