Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon Review (IGN)

Luigi's Mansion 2 might be a sequel, but it's one that shows Nintendo at its inventive best

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silkrevolver2034d ago

Great, now I've got to buy another game...

( :

FriedGoat2033d ago

Finally, a game on my 3DS worthwhile buying. I hope it actually lasts more than 5 hours, that's my main gripe with Nintendo at the moment, NO content.

2033d ago
WrAiTh Sp3cTr32033d ago

That sucks especially since there isn't any other handheld worth owning at the moment unless you pick up a DS...

FriedGoat2032d ago

I already own another handheld worth owning.

Perjoss2033d ago

first world problem :P

ahronith2033d ago

What are u talking about? My 3ds is just sitting collecting dust due to lack in gam......*looks over at desk with eight 3ds games he purchased in the last 2 months, and knows Luigis Mansion is arriving in 2 days*...Ummm, nevermind.

bayonetta2033d ago

i thought this one gonna fail.i love the first Luigi's Mansion game on GC ,i think im gonna buy this one now ^^

inStereo2033d ago

I believe March 24th (in North America)

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