Girls In Gaming: Um Jammer Lammy

UmJammer Lammy deserves lots of respect for being a female character in a video game that put out a really great message for other young woman. Though Lammy has self confidence issues, her confidence explodes when there is a guitar in her hands.

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KrisK2090d ago

This whole "Female protagonists are bad for game sales" thing really needs to stop. I can't imagine who would not buy a game just because the main character is female.

Magnagamer2222090d ago

Some how I missed this one. Good review of the game. How would I get my hands on this? Was it for Dreamcast?

ThePsychoGamer2090d ago

You can get this gem on the PSN store as a PS1 classic.

YoureINMYWay852090d ago

Get game to play when you're high