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GP Editor Marcus Estrada reviews the surprisingly addictive puzzle/RPG hybrid 10000000.

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rrquinta2096d ago

I may pick this up. It sounds intriguing.

MooseWI2096d ago

I would suggest to, I have put a bit of time into this game and it has been really fun so far, I play it on my phone and the only annoying thing is that it isn't optimized for the iPhone 5 screen. Other than that though it has been addicting and good time waster.

Ness6192095d ago

It's really fun but doesn't last long and there is zero replayability

MooseWI2095d ago

Yeah but if you can get it for $0.99 or the like, it is worth it. I have played hours already, I can see the game at the its end coming soon but for the price of a small fry at McDonalds, I say go ahead.

rrquinta2095d ago

I picked it up for a couple bucks with the steam sale.