Metro: Last Light is 'one of the best-looking games you can play today', claims Deep Silver

The PC version of Metro: Last Light is "one of the best-looking games that you can play today", the game's global brand manager Huw Beynon has claimed, adding that developer 4A Games has "absolutely stretched" the capabilities of current-generation consoles.

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Nocturne1471648d ago

I believe ,cause Metro 2033 was graphically very impressive!

Welshy1648d ago

just over a year ago i got a £1000 PC to do my animation course, and games obviously, Metro and BF3 were my first go to's and it blew my mind.

Ever since the official announcement i've been mega hyped for Last Light, but it concerns me that Deep Silver are invlolved...

Of course i'm grateful to them that it still exists since THQ went down, but my experience of Deep Silver backed titles has been pretty f*cking terrible to say the least, so i'm crossing everything that they just let 4A get on with their work and keep their hands off at a design level.

Braid1648d ago

When they took over, the game was probably at a near-complete state, so there shouldn't be any problem.

Rubberlegs1648d ago

Yeah the game was basically done with by the time THQ sold them off. Before it had a March release date when they still under THQ, now its May.
4A even said the extra couple months will give them time to polish it up and that's all they doing at this point.

Zha1tan1648d ago

It looked good but to this day still runs absolutely terribly.

brb still runs like ass on a GTX 680.

Rubberlegs1648d ago

I don't pull in monster frames but it runs fine on my system running a 7970.

hiredhelp1647d ago (Edited 1647d ago )

I too have a sapphire 7970 refrence design clocked at well over 1000mhz with voltage clocked but let me tell you this Zha1tan is right.
While game play fine you benchmark your game maxed out it bring down top end cards to its knees.
It wasn't coded proper that's why I can't wait see last light hopfully again with benchmark.

I'm not gonna put a agree or disagree on there as game runs fine on both cards.

Truehellfire1647d ago

Agreed. Metro 2033 looked great but ran so terrible. Even with DOF, Motion blur, and AA off I am still only able to average 40fps on 560ti SLI (runs similar to 680). Hopefully Last Light runs better, or at least the same but with much better visuals.

JsonHenry1647d ago

I have and 8 core CPU, 8 gigs of RAM, and gtx680 and I can run the game maxed @1080p in steroscopic 3D. I do get a few hiccups here and there but 95% of the time it runs around 30-40ish frames per sec.

Plagasx1647d ago

True, it's one of the reasons I still haven't completed it yet..It just runs terrible with my 680. A lot of stuttering and stuff.

BattleAxe1647d ago

The game ran beautifully on my GTX260. You might want to try updating your drivers or something.

SITH1647d ago

Runs perfectly fine on my GTX 690.

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jimbobwahey1648d ago

Shame that the gameplay was bad. These guys suffer from Crytek syndrome, spend so long mouthing off about graphics and not enough time on gameplay results in horribly sub-par releases.

Irishguy951647d ago

The survival edition or whatever the hell it was called made the gameplay quite good. Think it was called Ranger mode or something

Zha1tan1647d ago

The gameplay was not bad at all, it was a good involving story done from a fairly interesting stand point and metro will always be a good game but Stalker will always be better.

InTheLab1647d ago

I appreciated it for A) being pretty damn good, and B) nothing like CoD

papashango1647d ago

To date I've never payed an fps that matches metro 2033s atmosphere

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soultecc1648d ago (Edited 1648d ago )

so he says one of the best looking games you can play today, but I cant play it today because its not out today LIAR

Kran1648d ago (Edited 1647d ago )

But they (the devs) can, so yeah.

Your theory IS WRONG ;)

EDIT: But by "you" perhaps they were just talking to each other and videogamer just overheard xD lol

soultecc1648d ago

well it says you in the title meaning the person reading it which is me, so my theory is RIGHT

Eyesoftheraven1648d ago

I believe it and I'm glad they're not shouting any Crytek nonsense like, "THE best looking game ever for the next 2 years!"

josephayal1647d ago

Wow Beautiful Graphics Just like Killzone 3

Skate-AK1647d ago

I hope the PS3 version run ok...