Heavy Rain dev confirms work on PS4 game has begun

Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls developer Quantic Dream has confirmed they're creating something for Sony's PlayStation 4. A new console is "another reason to try and innovate" their work.-Strategyinformer

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ShugaCane2097d ago

Fortunately some devs are devoted to innovation instead of doing the same thing over and over again. I'm eager to see how they're going to use PS4 technologies to create something that will hopefully change gamers' habits, like Heavy Rain did (and like Two Souls probably will).

Thatguy-3102097d ago

Hopefully they do bring Kara to life. Want to play her story so badly

Hicken2097d ago

It would be a Day 1 purchase for me, no doubt.

crxss2097d ago

QD's games will most likely resemble their ps3 work. Only a few devs have been able to change their palette with next gen such as ND and Insomniac

iGAM3R-VIII2096d ago

Yea I agree, Heavy Rain was an amazing game and the graphics were amazing as same as the story line. Can't wait to see this at E3 (hopefully)

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2096d ago

Call me a troll but hasn't he been doing q.t.e games since ps2?

Also he doesn't really make games.

saint_seya2096d ago

troll # u asked for it ;)

Christopher2096d ago

Wait... does he make QTE games or are they not games? You're confusing me.

As far as what defines a video game, I don't recall any definition limiting the interaction to something other than QTEs. All of his games have had goals and challenges and utilize gaming peripherals in order to accomplish said goals and challenges.

BitbyDeath2096d ago (Edited 2096d ago )

Have you never played Police Quest, Leisure Suit Larry, 7th Guest, Ripper, Sam and Max, The Dig etc?

These 'QTE' games are the exact same thing, except pressing buttons on the controller have replaced the old mouse pointer.

And why don't people say this about the Walking Dead games? That has far more QTE's than Heavy Rain.

ziggurcat2097d ago

seeing what they can do on PS3, i'm excited to see what they can accomplish on a more developer-friendly architecture, etc...

Greyslash2097d ago

Heavy Rain is one of those games everyone must experience, I'm hoping the same for Beyond, and Quantic's PS4 title.
I still need to play Fahrenheit though.

mrmancs2097d ago

no shit batman lol, i mean if it did resemble a ps3 game.. Well i for one would be disappointed! It being next gen!

Braid2097d ago

Not the visuals mate, they're talking about the gameplay style/mechanics.

unchartedxplorer2097d ago

I can't wait for what quantic dreams can do with the ps4. But for the moment I'm really anticipating Beyond: Two Souls

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The story is too old to be commented.