Five Ways God of War Ascension Could Have Been Better

Aaron Ploof from Explosion writes:

"God of War: Ascension, the latest game in the top-selling Greek mythology based series has, surprisingly, been receiving mixed reviews. The game has been touted as a prequel to the entire GoW saga; It seems like it’s aim is to humanize Kratos by exploring the man he was before he sold his soul to Ares and slaughtered both his loved ones. It seems like exploring Kratos’ relationship with his wife and daughter would make for excellent material for a new installment in the franchise, but according to numerous reviews, the story is lacking. Additionally, , the gameplay and level design has taken a turn for the simplistic."

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xHeavYx1732d ago

Hate these articles. I would like the "journalists" to make their own game first, then complaint

Good_Guy_Jamal1732d ago

That's stupid. It isn't their job. I don't make games but when I don't particularly like something about it I'm not gonna just stay silent about it.

xXBlondieVanHarlowXx1732d ago

Yeah, whenever we don't like something, we go b*tch on the web.... That usually makes what we didn't like better.

To be fair, this article wasn't THAT unreasonable or b*tchy like most. Damn you Adam Sessler, you started this.

Good_Guy_Jamal1732d ago

It does make it better. It's called community feedback. Lets the devs know what we want for next time's sake.

Insomnia_841732d ago (Edited 1732d ago )

Of all the GOW games, this is the one with the most bugs! seriously, I've found so many bugs in this game, single player and mp. At this very moment I'm stuck in the second wave of The Trial Of Archimedes, for some reason the enemies don't want to spawn and it's not the first time it happens, when fighting one of the furies, the one that sits on a rooftop and spawns enemies at one point completely vanished and I just stood there waiting for something to happen, I had to restart from the last check point AS I'M ABOUT TO DO NOW FU*&!!!!!

Edit: just past The Trial Of Archimedes on hard, what a challenge! :D

AaronBaron1732d ago

Dude, it's just my opinion. No need to get angry.

Mookie1732d ago

I wish they showed ares
And kratos beating that ass a bit then the game would be perfect

_QQ_1732d ago

First twisted metal and now this GOW is good but not great, i want to look foward to Santa Monica games on the ps4 but they have disapointed twice in a row now :(

Zechs341731d ago

Santa Monica developed Twisted Metal? That's new to me.

And you're disappointed God of War Ascension is good but not great? That's not disappointing and is a complete matter of opinion.

_QQ_1731d ago

i'm comparing it to GOW3 which imo was more than great,yes it is my opinion but i know people who feel the same. i love Jaffe, he is one of the best devs but he is just one guy.

HOO-HAA1732d ago

Never giving it to a certain delicate attention seeking youtuber to review would've been a start!

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