Why Game Journalists are Spinning Durango’s “Always Online” Functionality and Why They’re Wrong

Joel Taveras writes, "It seems as though every gaming website has jumped all over the rumor of the next gen XBOX, codenamed: Durgano, featuring an “always online, always connected” configuration. Coupling it with rumors of Microsoft’s attempts at blocking used games it’s under the assumption that the company will use an online connection to achieve said blocking. How can all of these gaming sites be so naive?

Well, it’s not so much that they’re naive as it is more so a form calculated neglect; that or a complete and total lack of common sense."

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stglt2095d ago

Xbox 360 - Change tv channel input, turn on console, login.
Xbox 720 - 'Xbox, show xbox games'.

Allways on is crap right?

jimbobwahey2094d ago

I see the "Always on" thing as basically copying what Nintendo did with the Wii, which isn't a big deal. The leaks say that the next Xbox will remain in standby and download updates when not in use, which is exactly what Nintendo does with the Wii and Wii U and is actually a pretty good idea.

It sucks having to download updates and crap when you want to play a game, so if the next Xbox does that when not in use I see that as a good thing. I think Sony even said during the PS4 conference that their new console will do the same thing as well, which is how it allows you to instantly resume gameplay when you go to use the PS4, without any loading times.

All console manufacturers are aiming for "Always online" so trying to pick on one of them for it specifically isn't very fair in my opinion.

ichimaru2094d ago

stop making sense, and get on board, the wagon is leaving

DarthJay2094d ago

I believe the Apple TV doesn't turn off anymore either, it just goes in standby for the same purpose.

Gildarts2094d ago

Xbox 360 downloads in standby mode too. But I'm sure they mean that you can just walk in to your house and say" Xbox,on" and then on your way to the kitchen you can say "Xbox, Play halo" or whatever you'd like to do. And when you finally on oj the couch everything's already set up, ready for play.

AngelicIceDiamond2094d ago

I agree, People spinning this.

1.) Its a confirmed source and not an official confirmation yet.

2.) We don't know how exactly MS will implement this or how it gonna benefit users or how it'll turn out.

3.) The sources did not say anything about blocking used or DRM functionality.

If I had to come up with an explanation I'd say its a consumer feature rather than a corporate feature. MS and Sony knows the crisis over the used games sales with publishers.

But their selling a console for people not the publishers? As far as I'm concerned EA and Ubisoft are already doing something about their problem and I'm soon others will follow. It's not MS and Sony's responsibility to cater to them but cater to the consumers.

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kreate2094d ago

the thing is.. everyone should complain about this so that MS gets a clear message from both gamers and developers that nobody wants 'always online' feature.

if ppl start defending them (which some ppl do), than MS will just implement it.

stglt2094d ago

The next xbox won't require an allways on internet connection. it will work the same as the xbox 360. The thing is the box will have an hdmi in so MS wants you to connect your iptvbox to the console so when you turn the tv on the xbox system shows up and you can play games or watch tv from it.
But it won't block people without internet from playing games.

DarthJay2094d ago

The "always online" feature as I read it sounds awesome. Console is in standby and does all my downloads for me? Why WOULDN'T I want that? Easy load up and go right into my games? That's great.

I just haven't seen any indication that specifically states the console will not work unless connected to the internet. Sure, who wouldn't be against that? But I don't believe that is this. This feature, as interpreted above, is awesome as far as I am concerned.

Gildarts2094d ago

I'm sure Microsoft heard the commotion.

chaos_mechanica2095d ago

That's exactly how I took it. Of course they wouldn't exclude a major portion of the population who don't have great internet connection, but they would be remiss in not including that kind of functionality for people who do have better connection. If the PS3 has it now, why shouldn't next gen? And people complain about downloading things and wasting time... Microsoft and Sony have talked about downloading things on the go so that it's ready when you return home.

negativity=rage=more hits=easy article for some of these sites.

Mr_Writer852095d ago (Edited 2094d ago )

No matter what MS do they will sell consoles.

MS where the ONLY platform to charge to play online, jesus it even charged you to use your subcription services you already pay for.

Also the RROD

Didnt exactly stop people buying it now did it?

DigitalSmoke2095d ago

The mass media covered it all up, if Microsoft got treated fairly on the 100% RROD issue they would have got tossed away with the garbage, for good.

Media build this system because more consoles means more to write about means money for sites and magz.

Now, how long can this brainwashing last !?

Mustang300C20122094d ago

Idiotic comment after all these years still cover up conspiracies. Grow up. The system had issues. The PS3 had issues. The PS2 had issues. Sh*t happens. MS did more than other companies did and paid out of pocket to fix the issues. It was no cover up.

As far as this always online stuff goes if it is true then no big deal. Just like the piece says most of our devices are always on even when we don't use it.PS Plus customers need it on for automatic updates. I love the contradiction that comes from fanboys especially when we don't have all the facts and details.

ziggurcat2094d ago

you're partly correct. always-on isn't a big deal, but only if it doesn't block the enjoyment of any single player campaign if you're not connected to the internet.

that's the problem i think most people have with that functionality as it would render your console useless if, say, the network goes down or there are problems with your ISP.

Mr_Writer852094d ago

'I love the contradiction that comes from fanboys especially when we don't have all the facts and details'

'.PS Plus customers need it on for automatic updates'


The system starts up itself and connects, nothing to do with always on you cretin.

DEATHSTROKE-cro-2094d ago

MS released a console with 75% failure rate and that is just okay ? how do you release a console that has that percentage of failure ?
did they test it and said "fuck it. we'll release it anyway".

the fact is, no other console was that problematic.

online stuff no big deal ?
so Sim City was no big deal also ?
you buy a game, MUST install it on console, enter a registration code, you MUST be online the whole time so they can check you registration code every few hours.
and then, you blu-ray is worthless.

IF the rumors are true.

EDGE is saying their source is also saying this and EDGE was right a lot of times

Dlacy13g2094d ago

The "why" game journalists are doing it is simple. Controversy gets hits and couple that with the fact that MS has been uber quiet on their next xbox has many very curious what it really is. The few leaks that have come seem legit enough so when it also comes with some juicy bits that can be spun ....well, we see the hit meter go up.

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