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RTheRebel2068d ago

Awesone can't wait to pwn. They should release this on the vita would be awesome.

krontaar2068d ago

Pwn? Really? It's like im back in 2001.

IAMERROR2068d ago

Will buy on XBL like I did for 2013, 2012, and the original one.

sherimae24132068d ago

i still remember when my bf in highschool taught me on how to play this card game and i love it ever since...

but....but... the cards are expensive.... -_-

Cryptcuzz2068d ago

I still play Magic the Gathering and enjoy collecting the cards.

Its real fun if you don't take it too competively, especially playing with close friends and family.

Never played any of the video game adaptation, but I'm sure its just as enjoyable as playing with the physical cards.

sherimae24132068d ago

me too i have not played any mtg video game
i stop collecting mtg cards in ravnica block

but this latest expansion, the return to ravnica is tempting me again.... but i must resist for my vita games

i dont have a luxury job for sustaining this kind of hobbies and i only need to pick one, im only just selling flowers in manila