18+ Restrictions Lifted on Wii U Eshop

'You may remember the outcry when it was first discovered that European 18+ rated games would be restricted on the eshop until 11pm. This came about because Nintendo of Europe is based in Germany and has to abide to the country’s strict game violence laws..'

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KrisButtar1763d ago

that's great news, I wonder what was done to get by the German law

LostDjinn1763d ago

I believe they used ninjas.

Zichu1763d ago

Ah, seems like a logical explanation. :)

Deku-Johnny1762d ago

They looked into it and decided that the parental controls were adequate to stop children accessing adult content.

bequietdrive1763d ago

It is! These small changes give me hope that Nintendo are listening and will slowly implement a unified account system and really get third parties on board. It seems that the USK deemed the parental controls on the Wii U safe enough for the restrictions to be lifted.

lilbroRx1763d ago

They have long since announced that there will eventually be a unified account system for the Wii U and that Miiverse will be integrated into the 3DS if I am not mistaken.

bequietdrive1763d ago

I've heard them announce miiverse for 3ds and mobiles but not actually heard them having a unified account system that isn't just tied to your individual console like they have currently.

jcnba281762d ago

This is good news, now I want them to remove the 5min. wait limit between posting messages on Miiverse.

DivineAssault 1762d ago

The damage has been done.. Why are they changing it now???

bequietdrive1762d ago

No harm in rectifying a mistake.

gamer421762d ago

so you rather have the problem stay?

DivineAssault 1762d ago (Edited 1762d ago )

i dont really care.. I live in the US.. I dont have that issue but nintendo does things like this to themselves.. Most ppl wont know its been fixed so the damage is done.. It will remain as "the kiddy system" because of these dumb restrictions.. as if children have credit cards to buy games like that.. Im sure if they can use the network codes, theyre old enough for games with mature content