Dead Island: Riptide Debut Gameplay Trailer Revealed

Deep Silver has today revealed the first official gameplay trailer for the forthcoming Dead Island: Riptide. Set to launch next month, Dead Island: Riptide is currently in development for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

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Kran1972d ago (Edited 1972d ago )

Looks just as bad as the first.

Only reason Dead Island got the sales was because of a mishype.

Plus it's hardly been 2 years. I hear a rushed job.

Dead Island is just another one of those "it's so bad it's good" games, which I find ridiculous :/


It's fun for a little while. A little fun with friends too. This game hardly supported those who enjoyed to play alone, and even with friends, it's hard to follow anything because they made the story so dull nobody wanted to play it, and those that did had friends who couldn't give a damn. BTW, that one guy is me. lol

-MD-1972d ago

Sorry you didn't enjoy the first one, I loved it though. Can't wait to get my hands on this one too.

CerebralAssassin1972d ago

The game was ment to play with friends. The only screw up they had, other then obvious bugs was removing couch co-op. the game was good. Not as good as borderlands but still good

Kran1972d ago

It was designed for co-op, yes. So why even bother with allowing 1 player if there just was no point to it where it made no sense?

RedSoakedSponge1972d ago


well i played the first game mostly single player and loved every minute of it.

just because you dont see the point, doesnt mean there isnt a point....

Studio-YaMi1972d ago

Didn't enjoy it either ..

Lvl_up_gamer1972d ago

I loved the first one. Still play it actually.

Can't wait for Riptide.

Too bad you didn't enjoy it. Not everyone is going to like everything. A couple of buddies of mine also didn't like it. :(

No biggy though. Not hard to find friends to play with since it's at most you can have 4 players so I always find someone to play with.

SeanScythe1972d ago

I enjoyed the first one but the saves, coop, and horrible network made the game a bi!ch. I can't believe they reused the same skins and zombies from the first game. This isn't meant to be a DLC it's a new game based on the same timeline I get that but the zombies are still the same thousands I killed last time. This should have been a $20 disc DLS not $60.

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timmyp531972d ago

So should I go back and play the first? I want a good zombie game... that doesn't involve TellTale lol. Thing is i mostly play single player games so if co-op is the bright spot then I'll probably pass.

Daver1972d ago

not a bad game neither perfect, still entertaining.

Kens1972d ago

I would get this game if they fixed that fricken bug that gets your game stuck. Holy crap it's annoying having to restart the console all the time. It's game breaking.

Studio-YaMi1972d ago

I had horrible memories playing the first one .. and that last boss battle was just ... lame !

When I finished the game,my brother was sitting next to me and he was like "that's it ? that's the ending !?" & I turned at him and was like "I want my time back .. this game is just AWFUL !!!!".

Just being honest here .. hopefully this one is not as bad as the first one and that they ironed most of the flaws,not getting my hopes up though.

MilkMan1972d ago

Umm, this thing looks the same..
and THIS couldn't be brought over to the Wii U? I'm speechless.

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