Ken Levine praises PlayStation 4

"BioShock designer says the PC-like architecture for Sony's next-gen platform will "make life a lot better" for gamers."

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ShugaCane1972d ago

I'm glad he feels that way. It's cool that one of the most talented and creative game designers is enthusiastic about developing on the PS4. That sounds more than good for gamers.

zerocrossing1972d ago (Edited 1972d ago )

At the very least we can be sure we'll be getting some great games from Irrational Games this coming gen.


Forgive my previous mix-up of the dev-team.

Minato-Namikaze1972d ago

Bioware? He makes bioshock which is published by 2K, lol

SpartanQ81972d ago

you mean from Irrational Games :)

Captain_Mushroom1972d ago

I'm only replying here so people can read this: DO NOT go into the comments section. Some a**hole just spoiled the entire ending of 'Bioshock: Infinite'. Seriously, there's a special place in hell for guys like him...

paydayp1972d ago

dont know why you got a disagree.
maybe it isnt true but if it is true i would like to thank you.
i´ve being skipping all info on bioshock infinite since the first gameplay demo.

i want to experience everything by myself. hate to have some a-hole fuck it up by commenting such things.

hazardman1972d ago

Man I can't wait to see a next gen Bioshock! PS4 is a day one buy for me, everytime I read an article on PS4 nothing but good news from devs. I notice more devs are happier that Sony went with a more PC like architecture. I wish Sony did that for PS3. They wouldn't be in finacial woes if it wasn't for the development of the stupid Cell!! Anyway can't wait for PS4 and next Tues. Bioshock Infinite.

Minato-Namikaze1972d ago

Cell is a beast. I know devs didnt like it and it was (supposedly) hard to develop for. But sony santa monica, naughty dog, and kojima, makes me feel that they were just being whiny. New is hard sometimes i know. But some studios have proved that great games can be made on the platform.

hazardman1968d ago

True that. Sonys 1st party did knock it the park almost everytime. Sheeit even right now with the new releases like GOW A, Last of US. PS3 still has a lot left.

Persistantthug1972d ago

Certainly not Sony as a whole corp, and not even specifically the PS3.

BluRay is what cost Sony the most money regarding the PS3.

And On a corporate level, Sony's trouble is much much deeper than their video game division.

ANIALATOR1361972d ago

He should port Bioshock infinite to PS4 and call it the definitive version

guitarded771972d ago (Edited 1972d ago )

I'm expecting Infinite to be on PS4, so I'm holding off on buying it... it's hell to wait, but I think many PC versions will be ported to the PS4 for launch.

EDIT: Yeah, I hope so too. I'm saving money for the PS4 launch right now, so I'm only buying exclusives. So if the PS4 launches with some of these high quality 3rd party titles being released with better graphics and performance, I'll feel like the wait was worth it. My PC just can't run these games at the highest settings.

ANIALATOR1361972d ago

I hope so, since IGN said the PS3 and 360 versions seem to be a bit lowered in terms of textures, resolution and framerates

Campy da Camper1972d ago

You are a stronger man than I. I am counting the hours til Tuesday. Then I have to try and not buy TLOU is May...good God.

etownone1972d ago

Wow... Now, I'm thinking I should hold off and get the definitive next gen Bioshock Infinite.

MasterCornholio1972d ago

Now this is what happens when you design a console with input from the developers.

Other console manufacturers please take notes.

Letros1972d ago

No surprise, superior architecture 4tw.

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