New Beyond: Two Souls Screenshots

Clickonline writes "With stunning tech demos like Kara and the PS4 showcase, alongside emotionally wrought titles such as Fahrenheit and Heavy Rain, it’s safe to say the many faces of Quantic Dream are gateways to the company’s very soul.

Their latest offering, Beyond: Two Souls validates this theory."

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gillri2066d ago

hmmmmm Im defo getting this as I really liked Heavy Rain but I call bullshots

isarai2066d ago

lol why? all the videos shown look exactly like this.

Neckbear2066d ago

Remember Heavy Rain? It was the exact same thing and look at how that turned out.

CGI-Quality2066d ago

He won't be able to tell you why, the bubbles have betrayed him. ;)

OT: Beautiful as ever! Just like Heavy Rain, what we see is what we'll get.

Qrphe2066d ago

I'll side with you; these are too good to be true. It may be like Uncharted where cutscenes are rendered externally.

2066d ago
TomOfAllTrades2066d ago

Why because it looks good?
Man you make me laugh.

ABizzel12066d ago


There's actually a new gameplay demo/trailer-collection up and some of these screens are featured in it (the part where she's a little girl).

These aren't bullshots at all. The game really looks that good,

The last image where's she's laying in the snow does seem a bit detailed, but it could be a cutscene which are likely displayed at a higher resolution and more poly count than the actual PS3 game will be.

Regardless the game looks amazing check out the demo.

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ShugaCane2066d ago

Wow, the last one is so beautiful. That snow...

GiggMan2066d ago

I agree. Plus those have to be emotionally the saddest set of screenshots I have ever seen.

*Must find tissue*

DeletedAcc2066d ago

my god, best snow on ps3??? :O

GiggMan2066d ago

Heavy Rain did a great job with rain on PS3 (possibly the best). Looks like they upped their game to claim the best snow on the system now... Amazing.

ILive2066d ago

It kind of looks like the snow in uncharted 2 which was really good.

violents2066d ago

nope ps3, dude you should play heavy rain, its the same type of gameplay, sort of. The graphics in that were pretty close to photorealism as well.

isarai2066d ago

why? these visuals are possible because it is not an action game and has a LOT less to compute than other games, so they can afford better visuals

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The story is too old to be commented.