Play PSOne (PS1) Game Backups on PS3 Super Slim Console

Today we have a few videos of how to play PSOne (PS1) game backups on an unmodded PS3 Super Slim console via hot-swapping

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wishingW3L2096d ago (Edited 2096d ago )

so this is why we got a new FW update yesterday? Apparently it works with burned copies of PS3 games too and it's very easy to do. =/

fr0sty2096d ago

Why bother? You still have to have the original just to make it work. The only use I could see for this is if your disc were to get scratched beyond repair, you could then play backups (not really useful for PS3 games since they have an anti-scratch coating), but other than that it's a waste of time.

2096d ago
barb_wire2096d ago

'burned copies of Ps3 games'..

why bother, it's cheaper to buy a PS3 game than it would be to burn a PS3 game (blu-ray writer, blank blu ray media and you still need the game to copy)

What do PS1 games look like on the PS3 anyway, I've never tried on my PS3 since I use my PS2 for my PS1 games.

Cam9772096d ago

Well, I'm in the same position as you but vice-vers. I've heard the PS2 has better BC but I've never tested this theory as I play with a component cable and can't be bothered changing it every time due to the entangled bundle of thick wires in which the ps2 wire lies behind my TV. Oh well, does anyone care to try? Make sure smoothing is set to [ON] on both systems.

rainslacker2095d ago

They look about the same as they do on the PS2. I believe they use the same upscaler's as the PS2 did. Games on the disc load a lot faster though if they're digital.

Only difference is that you can stretch the image to fit an HD screen, but it looks horrible on most games, so generally it's better to set it to display borders on the sides of the game.

Actual picture quality depends on how well your TV can handle the original SD images, and some games look god-awful, while others look like they would on an SD screen. I think it really has more to do with your TV than what is being output from the PS3 system itself. My new HDTV they all look acceptable, where-as on my old one it was hit or miss.

Obamanationn2096d ago

where can i find more information on this at ?

phinch2096d ago

I wonder how many people actually still own copied games from 15+ years ago

Ron_Danger2096d ago (Edited 2096d ago )

I still have a copy of Street Fighter Alpha 3, Crash Team Racing, Gran Turismo 2, and Einhander

Who disagreed with you? Your statement wasn't disagreeable

phinch2095d ago

it was more of a question i guess haha but this is n4g

rainslacker2095d ago (Edited 2095d ago )

I found a box in storage a couple months ago with a few hundred copied games in it. I tossed it because I think piracy is wrong now, but still. I have over 300 legitimately owned titles between PS1 and PS2 games however.

It's worth pointing out one is more likely to screw up the original during a swap than you are during normal operation of a system. Also physically stopping the drive motor like that will burn it out pretty quick too. It wasn't uncommon for that to happen on the original PS1 swap method where you forced the motor to stop. Was a common repair when I did that stuff.

ijust2good2096d ago

Hot swap...those were the days. iXTREME has taken over now. heheheheheh lol

solid_warlord2096d ago

Hahahaha.... 50p for EA games lol

Black-Rock-Shooter2096d ago

This is pretty hand for games like metal gear solid and ff7 where i had to stop play because one of the disks was broken T.T so now I can play the full ff7 on my ps1. =D

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