Square Enix Trademarks Fantasy Village

Square Enix have trademarked Fantasy Village - no idea what it could be.

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ShugaCane1891d ago

Doesn't sound like something people want. Or maybe it's just me. Hope to be proven wrong. Looking forward to being proven right, though.

TheLyonKing1891d ago

Sounds like a hub for people to communicate about final fantasy, or like online it might be used to help the online Final Fantasy titles.

KentBlake1891d ago

Sounds like a mobile, Final Fantasy based, microtransactions ridden, free to play city builder.

--Onilink--1891d ago

free to play?? hahahaha this is SE...

if anything, its a mobile, Final Fantasy based, microtransactions ridden, $15-20 city builder

Minato-Namikaze1891d ago

I hope they launch a FF space in Home when the PS4 launches (assuming home is still gonna be around).

e-p-ayeaH1891d ago

FF14 realm reborn with integrated ps home space could work really nicely!

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