Skyrim patch 1.9 banishes Oghma Infinium glitch, infuriates players

Skyrim's PC patch 1.9 has rolled out on Steam minus the Oghma Infinium levelling cheat prompting a subtle level of backlash from some unhappy customers.

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falloutx2069d ago

They should have left it in, It's a single player game it harmed no one.

exsturminator012069d ago

Why leave this bug in when you can set skill levels in debug mode at the push of a button?

1nsaint2068d ago

Maybe cause consoles don't have a command prompt?

exsturminator012064d ago (Edited 2064d ago )

@1saint, the patch is only out for PC right now. They didn't release it on consoles, not yet anyway. When it reaches consoles, sure I can see people getting upset and reaching out about it, but to get angry about the patch on PC?

1nsaint2068d ago

Agreed, but I can see why they took it out though. Since the patch is gonna let you reset your skill levels back to 15, so you can break the previous level cap.

And honestly, the glitch is kinda ridiculous, you read a book 10 times or so and you're max level.

Not sure if it was 10 times, but it's around that number.
I used the glitch myself to keep the book after reading it, just to showcase it in my home :p

JAMurida2069d ago

Curious, did they ever fix the framerate issues with the PS3 version? Since the DLC is out, I've been wanting to get the game back and playthrough it all, but don't want to experience to tech issues as I did when I first got it.

barb_wire2069d ago

Well, it's a lot more stable than it was, it's still frustrating though. I have the PS3 version with all the DLC and no two games are alike.

I played it the other night and it was smooth as silk, only after about an hour did a little jerkiness start to kick it and as the hours passed, it became more of an issue.. But then when I played yesterday afternoon (using another save character) and every 20-30 seconds, the game would pause, finally just after a hour it froze up.

Like I said, frustrating..

Elwenil2069d ago

I recently bought the PS3 version, a day or two before they released the DLC for the PS3 and I also bought all the DLC at 1/2 price as it came out. I now have just over 100 hours in and for me the game is pretty stable but it still has a few bugs here and there. I do get some slowdown but it's usually during a battle, mostly with dragons. Sometimes a quest cannot be completed and I have to leave the area and reload it to get it to trigger. A couple quests I cannot continue for any reason. The worst part for me is the locking up which happens pretty randomly but usually after playing for several hours. All in all it's a decent game with tons of content and stuff to do but it's far from perfect. I'm satisfied with my purchase though as even at the prices I paid, it's still a lot more content for the money than most games.

metalgod882068d ago

The game has gotten better, but I've noticed that if I'm traveling on a horse across long distances, the game starts to lag quite a bit for a second or two and then all the textured pop in. It's pretty annoying when I can't fast travel.'s gotten better, but issues are still there. I've recently jumped over to the pc version and never looked back.

Btw, I had that lag occur about a week ago from today.

squallcloud92068d ago

Yes they did its much better. i got back into it and started over with a new character and a different play style and its so different, like a new game especialy with the dlc to enrich it further. Oh and i got to 100 hours and lv 52 on new game before i awakened the dragons!

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gillri2069d ago

After 16 months its almost time for the beta to end...oh wait

ninjahunter2069d ago

Protip on PC:
Hit console command key `
Click on your character in 3rd person view
Type: setav "insert skill here" "insert desired level/value"
Hit enter

So a a couple examples would be:
setav health 9999
setav lightarmor 100

(note how there isnt a space in the term lightweight)

exsturminator012069d ago (Edited 2069d ago )

Bubble up for that. Thank you.

doomiac2069d ago

At first I was upset, but you see, they are conveniently doing this with the exact same patch that we receive a new leveling element. Yes, pretty much after 60 it becomes a bitch to level up. But they fix that by allowing you to re set your favorite and most used skills, like lock picking, and level up more. I promise that it would be exponentially easier. But, I see promise in this, with new levels they can introduce ridiculously powerful enemy's, new high level dragon types, new legendary magic, new armor and weapons, Aedric?, the possibilities are endless.

rdgneoz32068d ago

"But, I see promise in this, with new levels they can introduce ridiculously powerful enemy's, new high level dragon types, new legendary magic, new armor and weapons, Aedric?"

But they probably won't. And if they do, it won't be for free.

doomiac2067d ago

Of course it wont be free.

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