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Submitted by Nyxus 1056d ago | news

Kojima posts picture of GDC trailer, file is named 'TPP'

Hideo Kojima has posted a photo on his Twitter of the trailer he is unveiling at GDC, in which he pointed out the lens flare (in another Tweet he noted lens flares would be a part of the credits in the GDC trailer). (Dev, GDC 2013, Hideo Kojima, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain)

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nrvalleytime  +   1056d ago
Hideo, I'm gonna cast you in the next Hobbit movie because you're a troll. A fun, CG loving troll.
Derekvinyard13  +   1056d ago
Phantom pain
a_bro  +   1056d ago
TPP= the phantom pain ?
Nyxus  +   1056d ago
In all likelihood.
Braid  +   1056d ago
Nope. It's Trolling People Project.
guitarded77  +   1056d ago
^^ This.
SnakeCQC  +   1056d ago
No its The Patriots Payback
Croash  +   1056d ago
It obviously stands for the long awaited "The Prince of Persia" reboot.
Mounce  +   1056d ago
I think this is basically confirmation that he's telling us it is HIM who's the Game Producer, Director and Game Designer for The Phantom Pain...

So, now he must show us who Joakrim is and why he created him and if he IS CG or not, rofl.
kookie  +   1056d ago
It says The Phantom Pain and 720P HD.
Kojima is a troll.
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Eamon  +   1056d ago
I wonder if Kojima realized 'TPP' was in the filename or is he simply trolling us again?
Nyxus  +   1056d ago
That's what I'm wondering. Maybe it's all part of his elaborate plan. Kojima is a master of trolling, after all.
TheModernKamikaze  +   1056d ago
This video seems to be 5:49:44 or it's at 5:49:44 and is longer.
Nyxus  +   1056d ago
I think it's 5:43:44. Difficult to make out though.
azshorty2003  +   1056d ago
looks like a 3 to me. but either way, this trailer is at least 5:40 long! =)
Hanso  +   1056d ago
finished yesterda mgs 2 on my vita cant wait for the next mgs game ^_^
r21  +   1056d ago
What? No way, i did not expect that. /s
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pecorre  +   1056d ago
I really like that guy.

Can't wait to buy whatever game this really is.
creatchee  +   1056d ago
Lens flares? Does that mean JJ Abrams is working with Kojima on his next project?
TheOneWhoIsTornApart  +   1056d ago
We can't dismiss the possibility. Kojima visited with Bad Robot (JJ.Abrams production studio) a few months ago and some of Kojima's staff members were wearing Bad Robot t-shirts at the VGA's too.
Iltapalanyymi  +   1056d ago
holy s*** i couldnt be more excited! GDC IS TOO FAR AWAY!!! someone speed up the time.
2pacalypsenow  +   1056d ago
The Phantom Pain
Kran  +   1056d ago
TPP.... HMMMM... i got it! It's "The People Pleaser".

As in this is what this game should be :)

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