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If I was CEO of Nintendo

I’m in the driver’s seat. I’m the CEO of Nintendo of Japan with the task of running the largest video game company in the world. In this article I’ll explore some logical and common sense business moves to improve Nintendo. (3DS, Wii U)

MultiConsoleGamer  +   864d ago
But you're not.
auragenz  +   864d ago
But if he was...
Ben_Rage_3  +   864d ago
I stopped reading the article the second I read this..

"Strengthening the handheld’s market in the Uk and US will hopefully make things too hard for the Vista"

No offense, but that's just unprofessional.
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christicehurst  +   864d ago
You shouldn't comment if you haven't read the whole article. Part of running a business is looking at what could hurt your sales and attack it. Make your product more appealing to the buyer.
TruthbeTold  +   863d ago
He wasn't even commenting on the article itself so much as the fact that you/the writer don't know enough about the 3DS competition to call it by its proper name. (Vita, not Vista). So why do they need to make things too hard for the 'Vista'? Even if you have reasons, it sounds like you don't know what you're talking about and are just hating.
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yeahokchief  +   863d ago
I'd fire so many people it's not even funny.
Mecca4  +   864d ago
I will hang myself with the wii u cords, with a Mario cartridge in my mouth
gamer42  +   864d ago
Now why would you do that, cartridges are so 3 gens ago! Go with the new Super Mario disc, its nice and the edge feels soft to the touch.
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linkofrs  +   864d ago
Well actually if we reintroduced cartridges we could eliminate a high amount of loading times because with flash storage the read time is much lower. However, a flash storage device would probably cost twice as much money to produce which would cut into profits.
TongkatAli  +   864d ago
I would pitch a Viking IP to counter God Of War with the final boss being a Bowser look alike, but more huge. That would cost too much money...... meh, lets make another Mario side scroller, win : D
exfatal  +   864d ago
lol at least it wouldn't be a game pretending to be something its clearly not.. like i dont no god of war :p
TongkatAli  +   864d ago
Explain : /
exfatal  +   864d ago
What im saying is there are alot of games out there that try to be something its not with a new skin tacked on. Uncharted/last of us, cod and c.o.d black ops are literally being developed by two different teams yet its basically the same game why?!

Like alot of 3rd party game when coming out with a new ip they kinda play it safe, by reusing the same ideas that worked in other games and kinda just mashed them up into on. i even had my problems with tomb raider it felt like a bad uncharted Recent R.E game, not its own fresh thing. while in nintendo defense when there palying it safe, even if its a side-scroller they wont just make it a new I.P and call it something else.. even though it basically a mario game with a few changes and new mechanic. Not saying nintendo doesn't play it safe alot, but you aren't tricked into thinking you are buying something new and fresh.

We know we getting a Mario side scroller game, or a Mario 3d platformer. And when we do pick up a new i.p buy nintendo its normally completely different and fresh from the same old 3rd person shooter, trying to get from point a to b through a crowd of zombies/terrorist/zombified terrorist

All IMHO not trying to start any wars or nothing honest!
TongkatAli  +   864d ago

Its hard to come up with something COMPLETELY original. Using your logic, What is the Yoshi Wii U game coming out ? another sidescroller but instead of Mario its Yoshi.

"but he is made out of yarn in this one" : D What in the blue hell JK X D

Also you're just looking at gameplay and calling it a clone. We have good stories, voice acting and narratives in Playstation, PC and 360 games. You should try them.

I know some Nintendo first party games have some good stories, but its mostly barebones and no voice acting. i will say however from what i heard of Fire Emblem it deserves props, there is one, lol.

Look up the word clone cause you don't know what it means. I will do it for you.

"A group of organisms or cells produced asexually from one ancestor or stock, to which they are genetically IDENTICAL"

Comparing Black OPS updates to Last Of US and Tomb Raider X D I'm going to give you another one.

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AdvanceWarsSgt  +   864d ago
While Nintendo does need to change it up (namely, taking a damn break from Mario), they're better off not giving in to the demands of consumers like TongkatAli who aren't interested in Nintendo products period. Last time they did that they were Gamecube'd.
rainslacker  +   864d ago
So what you're saying is that because they're in the same broad genre, that LOU and Uncharted are the same game? Does that mean that Super Mario and Sonic are the same game...they're both side scrollers. Or maybe you're saying that all FPS are the same game. COD isn't the best example because they are milking the franchise, but that ignores all the other FPS out there that may do things differently all within the same context of the genre.

Being in the same genre does not make something the same as another. They will have similarities depending on the genre, but it is the differences that set them apart. It's those changes to the game play, or the presentation of the games in question which move the genre forward. Nintendo does it with their products the same as every other dev tries to expand on past ideas to make their own unique thing.
exfatal  +   863d ago
lol i wasn't comparing black ops to last of us, if it came out that way my bad. what i was saying was cod modern warfare and black ops are 2 different games being made by two different developers but basically the exact same game, same goes for Last of us/uncharted. i was comparing those 2 for examples, not all 4. I do admit i didn't take in the story element when talking about the new ips which do deserve some credit. Also thanks for the definition for the word clone, but when did i even use the word clone in my last statement. I said the were afraid to really do something new is all.(maybe should use less time looking up random words and use it reading the what i actually wrote)Anyways you my god sir are putting words in my mouth lol. Like i said i wasn't really looking for a war, i was just defending the wise crack about Nintendo :p Seems like you're just a disgruntle Sony fan who can take what he gives?

Also for story its not just f.e with good story, nintendo has alot more then that. how bout trying xenoblades, LoZ, Metroid a try? a game doesn't have to directly be telling u a story through voice acting for you to appericate good story telling.

@rainslacker, im not saying that either, you can still be a platformer and do alot of things different and fun, sonic and mario and kirby even rayman are all great sidescrollers platformers but there distinct u couldn't just take mario and shove him in the kirby game. to much is different same as taking rayman and putting him in a mario game. this what i meant but being fresh and different. but say last of us. change Main character to uncharted guy. change story to make it more wise cracking. make the girl 23 and sexy, and boom uncharted 4 there u have it.
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rainslacker  +   863d ago
I still don't really see how uncharted and TLOU are trying to be something they aren't. They're both 3rd person shooters. One has a run and gun mentality, whereas the other has a stealth/survival approach. It's precisely the differences you mentioned, as well as the actual player motives which make them their own game.

COD games are trying to be COD games. just because they have different developers or a different name, or different skin on them doesn't mean they aren't COD games...that's why they carry the COD brand.

Yes you could change all those things you mentioned, but then it wouldn't be a different game, it would be the same game. That's what makes the game unique in the first place. Same could be said for any game within the same genre. You know what...you could put rayman into a mario game. Those two games are very similar to one another. In both you can jump on things, you can punch/fireball stuff, you can fly with the proper power-up, etc. That doesn't make them the same game though. They have different presentations and an fundamental attitude within the characters and game themselves to make them their own product.
MeatAbstract  +   864d ago
If you were you wouldn't have written this article.
christicehurst  +   864d ago
Any reasons why. I enjoy writing different articles that gets people thinking,
Kingthrash360  +   864d ago
I would catch up with specs...all it really needs....well that and an open mind set on 1st and third party software.
Face it, Nintendo is about Nintendo and that what hurts them most.
christicehurst  +   864d ago
How can Nintendo bump the specs up and still make a profit?
Yodagamer  +   864d ago
Free up some ram for devs to use, that would help textures etc. It's the only thing i can think of.
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Kingthrash360  +   864d ago
I mean after wiiu I would match or try to surpass the specs of ps5 or xbox720×2....call it mega-nintendo-ultra
While im at it id make a zelda in modern times a Mario/Samus adventure performer and actually have real sports sims ......umong other things
AdvanceWarsSgt  +   864d ago
The money that they poured into the Gamepad could have been used to bump up specs.
Grimhammer00  +   864d ago
Well they could release a revamped wiiu+ with no pad controller. Just the pro controller. Issue an apology to core gamers and third party devs.

Make the specs equal to ps4 and release new Mario kart and mmo smash bros.

(I know you all wish I was kidding...sadly no. Lol)
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gamer42  +   864d ago
Why dont you want the gamepad?
Deku-Johnny  +   864d ago
If I was CEO of Nintendo, I'd keep doing exactly what they're doing now.
Largest video game company in the world. A title Sony and Microsoft can never hold!
racso10ken  +   864d ago
i had called the wiiu the wii Ultra insted and put a bitten orange logo on the console and the back of the gamepad so the sistem could be sell for up to $600.00 even when its not so powerfull.
sitharrefus  +   864d ago
I would change:

1: Compete with sony and microsoft (going all the way in specs)

2: Change marketing team (lets be realistic their wii u marketing is a complete fail)

3: Unified Eshop 3ds and wii u together and better online experience

4: Buy out exclusives (sony and Microsoft do it so ill do the same)

5: Continue strong with firs party strong but also revive classics.

and more....

Only if i ran Nintendo..... (
linkofrs  +   864d ago
I'd have to agree with you on everything but your first point. At this point Nintendo can't afford to to make a "high spec" system they would just lose too much money if they did.

All of the other points are spot on though. They really need the marketing and software support at the moment.
sitharrefus  +   864d ago
well my first point will apply to the next cycle of consoles.
khowat  +   861d ago
Nope, Nintendo can afford to make a high end system


they've got some cash and even so everybody looses money when they make a high end system they just try to make it back with games sales so it doesn't matter how much money you start off with but how much you make that back with game sales
just-joe  +   863d ago
Funny about 4 seeing how people bitched about Bayonetta being exclusive.
Bumpmapping  +   864d ago
If I was CEO of Nintendo I would ditch the Wii U release a next gen console to compete with PS4/720.
BitbyDeath  +   864d ago
Rebrand Wii U to Nintendo U.
Remove tablet controller, make pro standard.
Create / buy new studios.
Make new IP's.
Work with 3rd parties to get more games.
truechainz  +   864d ago
I agree with rebranding the Wii U. They are working on new IP's but creating/ buying new studios would help them get more of them. Def work with 3rd parties better. Tablet controller is good though I wouldn't be against including a pro in the pro bundle. After doing all that initially profit wouldn't be there though. Good ideas for the most part I think.

Oh yeah, and set up a good marketing and market research department.
CaulkSlap  +   863d ago
Rebranding it is probably the best idea I've heard. They screwed up big time calling it the Wii U. It makes it sound like a peripheral (Wiifit, Wiimote) and not a brand new console. But of course hardware that barely surpasses current gen doesn't exactly help much either.

I just assumed Nintendo would use their massive DS and Wii cash wad to fund a ton of studios and new games. It really never happened and they show no signs of changing. It's sad but Nintendo is cornering themselves into a market of fanboys and kiddie shovelware. They'll just write this gen off and ride it out like the Gamecube era.
Knushwood Butt  +   863d ago
Erm, stop making TV ads like this?


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