EA's 'SimCity' disaster spotlights DRM issues

Big new game comes out with always-online digital rights management (DRM), stuff goes wrong and nobody can play game for days, company looks bad as a result. A year ago, that was Activision Blizzard's predicament when Diablo III launched, and today it's EA with SimCity.

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Sweelix2068d ago

i love EA, hopefully we get more micro transactions in the future

koehler832068d ago

I appreciate your sarcasm.

Nevers0ft2067d ago

I think at this point they're taking pointers from "DLC Quest" ;)

iistuii2068d ago

Got the game yesterday, glad I waited as its now perfect, I've not had a single problem & to make it better I even got the free game, so it's win, win for me, about time I got something out of EA.

Saryk2067d ago

I do not like always online DRM. But this was told and ran over to death way before the game released..........

thehitman2067d ago (Edited 2067d ago )

To be honest the root problem is not the DRM.. its the lack of preparation of their servers and management thats a problem. How do you not vigorously test your servers under launch conditions? No open beta was given, No week long of testing conditions and when you have a game thats always suppose to be connected to everyone it will 99% of the time have launch troubles if those things arent done regardless of the fact there is DRM or not.

landog2067d ago

the reason we see these server problems with huge games that sell millions at exactly 12am the day of release.....
publishers dont set up enough servers, the know 48 hours later only 50% of those people will all be trying to play at the same they just wait it out