Bioshock Infinite: Creating Elizabeth

Irrational Games give us an insight into the creation of Bioshock Infinite’s Elizabeth character, designed to pull on the players emotional heart strings and help them feel more invested into the story of a crumbling Columbia.

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Roper3162068d ago

Tuesday the 26th can't come soon enough for me! What a great beginning for 2013 so far.

Ni No Kuni in January

Sly in February

TR & Bioshock in March

Just listing the games I have actually played so far this year ( of course not Bioshock yet ). But I also ordered GOW:A, HDN:Victory, Crysis 3 & got the original crysis for free which I played in between Sly & TR. And there seems to be no end in sight with the likes of TLOU, Beyond, GTA V ( hoping it goes back to be more like VC & SA instead of GTA IV ).

And the creme de le creme of the PS4 later in the year.

Myze2068d ago

Elizabeth seems like she will end up being an iconic character. Can't wait for this game.