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Joakim Mogren indeed CG? Concept of FOX Engine is “photo realism” – Kojima

GC: "We are getting enough clues on what Kojima is planning as we reach closer to GDC where he will talk about the Fox Engine."

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Community1225d ago
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jc485731226d ago (Edited 1226d ago )

man....all questions will be answered. i don't want to even bother making assumptions, but I do know Kojima has been teasing us with photo realism before.

crxss1225d ago (Edited 1225d ago )

JM being CG is the most absurd thing I have heard today. Some people need to get their eyes checked

DeadManMcCarthy1225d ago (Edited 1225d ago )

Agreed, It's ridiculous. We don't even have the technology right now to make a person look that realistic. I bet the people who believe that theory still believe in Santa Claus.

morganfell1225d ago

Yes, let's waste the world premier of a lifelike CGI character on Spike TV.

cyguration1225d ago


Fast forward to the 8 min mark

The tech is there

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sobekflakmonkey1225d ago


Yeah, but even that doesn't look like real life, it looks super good, I'll give you that, but if you think we are at the point of ultra-realistic graphics you are dead wrong.

jivah1225d ago (Edited 1225d ago )

A better video to photorealism ..It would be fantastic to see if Kojima has indeed used some orientation of this tech in his engine

Ritsujun1224d ago

I am computer-generated.

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DeadManMcCarthy1225d ago (Edited 1225d ago )


That still looks fake though, not on the level of realism that this 'allegedly' CG Joakim Mogren is.

bunt-custardly1225d ago

I still don't think this is CGI, but that picture is still pretty funny.

Y_51501225d ago

True I watch the interview and I saw little bits of the guy's hair sticking thought the wrap. If it's CG, it's impressive!

hesido1225d ago

If it is CG, it is better than Avatar, because the skin slides on top of the bone structures.

It is not CG, and the fact we are even discussing it somehow befuddles me.

dudeOplenty1225d ago

the fact that people are disagreeing with you indicating that they believe it's CG is aneurism inducing.

adorie1225d ago

Another GAF original. The speculation blows the mind like a hotair balloon. I need a break from that place... Nah.

Onehandband1t1225d ago

Just no, its not CG, there is no compelling evidence. The major thing to look at is eye's, CG will always make eyes to glossy, and you just know when someone is real, which he was, a real person

DigitalSmoke1224d ago

I bet my account on the mummy being computer GFX.

redDevil871225d ago

Oh myyy ...

This GDC could blow minds!