Square Enix Refuses to Comment on PS4 Exclusive Final Fantasy Versus Rumor

On the heals of an unnamed Edge-Online source backing the Microsoft Durango rumor first leaked on VG Leaks, RipTen reached out to Square-Enix directly for a comment on the Final Fantasy Versus XIII PlayStation 4 exclusive rumor.

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BlackjackCF1766d ago

Good god. I thought Versus XIII was never going to come out.

Nostradavis1766d ago

It still may not come out, only this time it may not come out exclusively for the PS4. :)

guitarded771766d ago

Don't say that... I can't go another console generation waiting :/

blitz06231766d ago

At this point I don't care about exclusivity. I need some news, updates, or just any kind of sign that this game hasn't evaporated yet

GenericNameHere1766d ago

Good god... Imagine if vsXIII came out on the Dreamcast... Do you choose the PS4 version, or the superior DC version? See those graphics? PS4, eat your hearts out!!

On topic...
Should this be news? Why would Square Enix say YES to the rumor of FFvsXIII is now a main FF title, and a PS4 exclusive? They know it's true, but they want to be the ones to announce it! If they say yes now, they're the ruin the surprise they're gonna reveal at E3, although now we know it. Look at Sony. Total kings of of getting stuff leaked. Something leaked? Say "We blah blah blah don't comment to rumors blah blah blah", gets official announcement, everybody happy.
Since this is rumored to be codeveloped with Sony, it seems their smooth talking rubbed on to SE.

MikeMyers1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

Rumors have it that Sony is attached to the project and it will now be exclusive to the PS4.

badz1491766d ago

this has gone too far! these rumors along with the game can you please just DIE already!

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sinncross1766d ago

hmmm so I guess that puts it closer to being true?

I cant really wait... I have been wanting to play Versus13 ever since the original trailer!!!

Arai1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

Haha yes pretty much =)
Either way the wait seems almost over...
Damn time isn't going by fast enough, I want to see what happens at E3 this year.

Neckbear1766d ago

No, this is the stock reply for some dude that's got nothing to do with SE outside handling mail. How'd you expect him from respond? You think he'd be able to say yes or no? He probably doesn't know what's up with the game himself.

Mr_Nuts1766d ago

Well technicaly it won't if it gets renamed, Versus 13 will never come out, FF15 will though XD

That is if the rumors are true

Godmars2901766d ago

not under the original name its not. If this is true.

MYSTERIO3601766d ago

I surely hope FF Versus XIII comes on the PS4 near launch

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penguinhunter1766d ago

I refuse to comment if I like FF or not.

DownNotOut1766d ago

then why comment? well i for one hope this rumor is true that would make me buy a ps4 earlier than i was.

first1NFANTRY1766d ago

man how hard is it to shed some light on this game so fans can atleats be excited for it?

any small info would actually be of help.

Shadow Man1766d ago

i hope it comes out for the ps3

LondonMediaOS1766d ago

I just want the game... Damn!

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The story is too old to be commented.