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Xbox 720 Leaks Suggest A Dark Future, Attacks Used Games, Privacy and Consumers

The PlayStation 4 may have been announced exactly a month ago, but Microsoft is playing their cards close to their chest. However, tons of leaks and rumors have begun to spread about the next Xbox – are they real, and what do they mean? Daily Reaction’s Seb and Dan discuss used games, installs, a camera that is always watching you and more. - Daily Reaction (PS4, Xbox One)

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Foolsjoker  +   793d ago
I really cannot believe they want a camera hooked up at all times on a system that is supposed to be online 24/7. Creepy!
edonus  +   793d ago
What i find amazing is that it appears that Sony just reveal their dual camera which if I'm not mistaken will come with every console as well but it some how doesnt seem to exist in the minds of these guys and i'm sure every system has power button or requires a plug.

This is foolish bias paranoia just for the sake of being paranoid.

OMG did you hear damn near every smart phone and lap top ultra book and tablet has cameras on them as well and most of them are constantly connected to the internet as well.
Consolegamer101  +   793d ago
You don't need to have the playstation eye connected to the console all the.. The kinnect always need to be connected and Microsoft can look through it an watch you in your living room
omegaheat  +   793d ago
Yeah dude, this is getting beyond ridiculous. I can't believe how desperate these articles are becoming. Exactly how much money is involved in trying to get a few hits to your site by making a biased article? It's almost as if these guys spend all day in front of a computer looking for a neutral subject to convert it to a controversial topic. These authors are copying and pasting each others articles only to slightly reword them. Why does it seem that so many articles are negative about Microsoft's game console even though it's so popular in the U.S. It makes you wonder who's really behind all of this negative press about a device that no one other than those under NDA even know about.
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Mr_Nuts  +   793d ago
Actually Sony are debating whether or not to bundle the camera with the PS4. This suggests that you wont need to use the camers if you dont want to, why not include something you need to play games with
GenericNameHere  +   793d ago
Kinect is rumored to be ALWAYS ON, and staring at you. You have to plug in the PS Eye, it's not built in or a required thig for every game. Wasn't there a rumor that the Kinect on 360, everything it scans Microsoft can see?

I see you cherry pick your articles, then say the media hates Microsoft. Trust me, you don't know what PS3 fanboys went through from 2006-mid 2008 (and even still a bit the last few years) because of the gaming media and you Xbox 360 fanboys.
edonus  +   793d ago
Do you even hear the insanity. The pseye is standard so you dont have to have it connected, even though there are functions built into the controller for it to be used....so do you not have to use a controller neither.

You could just as easy cover up the camera as worry about connecting and disconnecting it all the time if you are just that paranoid.

@Mr Nuts If sony doesnt make the camera standard they have already lost the next gen. But like I said they added features to the controller itself for the camera, it would be foolish to not include it standard.
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xursz  +   793d ago
With the dual camera Sony improved on the functions of the PSEye. That's that.

On the other hand rumor is MS is trying to integrate kinect 2 into this "Always on, always connected" nonsense.

BIG difference. I don't know how many ways you need to hear it to get through.
edonus  +   793d ago
Thats that? Your point makes no point. Yeah improve Pseye function by mimicking kinect functions. It has two cameras 2 cameras is only used for depth sensing (like kinect) and will it some how not be looking at you if you have it set up?

And what makes something being always on and alway connected nonsense? My PC is always on and always connected so is my tablet and smart phone and cable box.

Maybe if it was explained in a way that made some sense and wasnt retarded and clearly bias I would understand.
xursz  +   793d ago
It's not my job to educate you but so be it.

I'll start with, "improve PSEye by mimicking Kinect".
Newsflash: Kinect copied the PSEye. Look it up if you have to.

"will it some how not be looking at you"
**Facepalm** of course it will look at you, how else will you use it? The difference is I can unplug it if I'm not using it and I'm not forced to be "always connected".

"my pc is always on and always connected"
First of all this is bad for your electric bill. Second, unless your pc has 3G service or something I see no reason for it to be mandatorily synced to the web. Your pc is also not being monitered by independent servers which could draw access to your activity. This is what "always connected" would bring. Just like your phone company has access to your personal phone records.

In the end, seeing your responses it's obvious you're fine with whatever MS gives you, and to me that's ok. More power to you I guess. Personally I rather take my money elsewhere. And that said, this is all just rumor until confirmed and I'll hold my final judgement til then.
dafegamer  +   793d ago
difference is that pseye isn't required to boot the console
TomOfAllTrades  +   792d ago
"This is foolish bias paranoia just for the sake of being paranoid"

How the hell do 'YOU' know that or is this another "I'll defend the Xbox with my dying breath"?
edonus  +   792d ago
You can always tell the ill equipped when they comapre Pseye to Kinect. This means they dont understand the difference between a rgb camera and a 3d camera. So talking sense to you will be like explaining calculus to a first grader. By your logic the Pseye for the Ps4 just copied itself.

Unplugging a Pseye would be just as simple as covering your kinect cam. This is just part of the poison the media has infected you guys with were you cant be around or support kinect at all even with its huge amount of acclaim and success. Kinect is just an input device and since it is part of the system shouldnt it be always connected. Are you not going to connect your PSeye for your Ps4 (if you dont it just shows how stupid of a decision sony made to give you the option).

Electronics have had standby and sleep modes for ever. The affect on your electricity is almost non existent. Then they never said mandatory syncing or dedicated monitoring servers or even that always on and or always connected were mandatory. These are all rumors. You are taking very small bits of unexplained unverified information and speculating the furthest most extreme scenario with no kind of backing.

Not to mention you still ignore that the concerns you would have with kinect would be just as present with a Pseye4 or for that matter any device with a camera and access to the internet. Why do the issues apply to one and not the other?

I am not defending anything because there is nothing to defend. This is all hear say. I am just injecting clearer and more rational reasoning into others bias lame ill views.
TrendyGamers  +   793d ago
I doubt that's true.
InMyOpinion  +   793d ago
From playstationlifestyle.net. The most reliable source for anything Xbox lol.
Gamer1982  +   792d ago
playstation lifestyle also have an xbox site ran by the same guys. They are usually not biased plus this isn't about them giving a rumour its speculating on a rumor from vgleaks.. So its not about reliability.
DOMination-  +   792d ago
Why don't they post this "news" on their xbox site then?
AngelicIceDiamond  +   793d ago
Its funny, the rumors seem dark everything seems bad but when MS finally announces the console and addresses the rumors along with everything else all those rumors don't seem so bad in fact, it may turn do a complete 360. Turns out all the negative rumors, turns out to be positive instead.

All I'm saying is when did bad rumors turned out to be true? Its the same thing each and every console cycle. Negative upon negative rumors surface its doom and gloom.

And all of a sudden, the console gets announced and all those rumors circulating are quickly and easily forgotten. Why? Because 1.) All the bad rumors are outweighed by positive and confirmed features and 2.) The bad rumors are/were NEVER addressed in the first place. People take bad rumors and twist, mold, and spin and re-package the same rumors. Or jump to conclusion take it out of context whatever.

The point is nothing looks bad for MS lets please wait until MS addresses everything.

@Strotee Lol my bad a complete 180.
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strotee  +   793d ago
"complete 360"
looks like someone needs to study geometry a little more
deadfrag  +   793d ago
Well the problem is that by not addressing to any so call rumors M$ is actually getting bad hype and rep among consumers.If something starts to burn the best thing to do is try to put some water before the fire spreads.And M$ is not doing this an the word the bad word its already moving from mouth to mouth,it will get to the point that they are so burn by the bad publicity that people will not care anymore if the product is good or not they the people will just move and pick the concorrent product because they never heard nothing bad about it!M$ should do better; they must come and debunke all this bad rumors right now if they are indeed not truth!
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Gamer1982  +   792d ago
The main issue is these so called rumours are coming out from the same guys who got the ps4 rumours correct.. That's whats worrying people.
rainslacker  +   792d ago

The problem with addressing rumors is that to do so you often inadvertently confirm something else. MS will put many rumors to rest, or confirm them when they finally announce the system, much the same way Sony did when they announced the system.

Almost every company takes a "no comment" or "maybe" approach to rumor handling. Even now people take a "no comment" as a validation that a rumor is true. It's not the companies fault that people always seem the worst case scenario in any given situation.
guitarded77  +   793d ago
It's for immersion while playing Watch Dogs.
The_Infected  +   793d ago
If MS would just hurry and reveal the damn thing these rumors could be put to rest!
MADGameR  +   793d ago
doy! They want GAMERS now conditioned to accept being monitored at all times..BIG brother government! It's all just small small small steps towards accepting world tyranny and a world without freedom but enslavement. I.E. The New World Order. So while we are playing our video games...waiting for the 720 and PS4 then the XB1080 and PS5,etc while they (the NWO) are working hard to get rid of us...its just a matter of time folks! Wake UP! Don't support the XB720 if MS intends to stick with this.
Jakens  +   793d ago
there's a platypus controlling me.

Wedge19  +   793d ago
Nextbox isn't looking too hot.
doctorstrange  +   793d ago | Funny
"But you are" - Microsoft technician.
Foolsjoker  +   793d ago
Well he wouldn't be able to type anything, since his hands would be too busy 'working'.
1nsaint  +   793d ago
As a 360 owner it pains me to admit, but yeah all these rumors make me not wanna buy the 720.

Ill wait for the official reveal at E3 though, before i get to exited/dissapointed.
MysticStrummer  +   793d ago
MS is either laughing or sweating over the reactions to these rumors, if they pay attention at all. I was looking at a non-gaming site that has a single gaming board in it's forums. These rumors keep showing up there too, and the reaction is universally negative. Part of me thinks there's no way MS would do some of what they're rumored to be doing, but I suppose anything is possible.
1nsaint  +   793d ago
@mysticstrummer who knows? Imo its a bit weird that microsoft isn't responding to counter some of these 'bad talking' rumors.

But hey maybe MS put those rumors into the world themselfs, to see how the public reponds ;P
rainslacker  +   792d ago
MS has always seemed to have an overzealous need to control their consumers with their products. I certainly wouldn't put it past them to do something completely anti-consumer.

However I think whatever these rumors amount to(if true) is nowhere near as sinister as people are making them out to be. People just tend to take the most extreme possibility and ignore any rational reasons why something may be the way it is.


I'm sure MS is paying attention to what is being said about them. Whether they care or not is another matter. It never seems to make a difference with Windows...and they certainly didn't care about the criticisms of windows 8. In the end they are going to do what they do based on the direction they want to go with their company as a whole.

MS is more than a gaming company, and they have a long history of not being very consumer friendly, and they work hard to control the markets that they have an interest in. Xbox fan boys seem to be oblivious to all the bad things MS has done in it's history. But hey so long as they beat Sony it's all good I guess.
1nsaint  +   792d ago
@rainslacker yeah all these rumors seem to have blown out of proportion.
But what you said about MS wanting control is one of the things that made rumors like this so believable.
Double_Oh_Snap  +   793d ago
I still really want to see what Microsoft is doing and get more details on all of this.

As a gamer though, I am firmly in the PS4 camp right now. I do not like anything I'm reading tbh.
InMyOpinion  +   793d ago
Nothing is confirmed or announced officially yet. I won't buy into the rumors until I see it officially confirmed.

Especially not when reported by a Playstation troll site.
ftwrthtx  +   793d ago
The camera would be unplugged unless I needed it for a game. Too creepy.
Foolsjoker  +   793d ago
"Every Durango console will be sold with a new high-fidelity Kinect Sensor, which will be required for the system to operate."
Nitrowolf2  +   793d ago
"throws a blanket over it"
doctorstrange  +   793d ago
*Kinect engages X-ray mode*
Root  +   793d ago

Many people don't want to plug Kinect in, hell they don't want to spend more money on a console with it in...we'd rather just have the console it's self.
ftwrthtx  +   793d ago
Aim it at the ceiling then if that's the case
BitbyDeath  +   793d ago
"Xbox pauses until Kinect can see a person"

MS made a patent a while back to detect how many people are in the room so they could charge you more for movies. The same tech could be used to ensure Kinect is always on and always focused on a person.


Don't think they will though, that'd be pretty evil.
Jakens  +   793d ago
Quoted from http://www.kotaku.com.au/20...

"The limitation may comprise a number of user views, a number of user views over time, a number of simultaneous user views, views tied to user identities, views limited to user age or any variation or combination thereof, all tied to the number of actual content consumers allowed to view the content. Consumers are presented with a content selection and a choice of licenses allowing consumption of the content."
knifefight  +   792d ago
Dump water on it.
kingPoS  +   792d ago
Just point it at a wall or put it behind the the tv.
ftwrthtx  +   792d ago
Or behind the center speaker for my surround sound.
riverstars86  +   793d ago
I really am trying to keep a level head one what was said in that leaked document. When I read it, to me it doesn't say that online is required to play, just that it is using always online when you have the internet connected to it. If you don't have the internet connected to it, I am assuming it will still play games.

If I'm wrong, can someone please show me.

Confused Gamer
doctorstrange  +   793d ago
VGLeaks are saying it is always online when you have internet, while Edge say that's true, but add that online is required to play.
Eldyraen  +   793d ago
The actual leaked document, from what I can tell, doesn't specify and everyone is pretty much just speculating or listening to 'unnamed sources' that will offer no tangible proof one way or another.

Personally I'm like Riverstar86 and expect it to work much like any electronic device with a sleep mode and an auto-update feature (or anything else for that matter--cloud saves, scheduled maintenance, etc... I've had phones that will turn on for alarms even if you shut them off for crying out loud--not like 'always on, always connected' is anything new).

Everyone is just taking vague notions from paragraph long leaks (for each specific 'feature'/'problem ') and running wild when in fact most if not all could just as easily be seen as a good thing.

The Kinect sensor requirement is by far the most questionable though, imo. Its one thing to bundle it but if it is indeed required for the system to operate on top of being 'always connected' no matter what precautions they put in place it will just been seen as 'too creepy' for many people (concerned parents/organizations especially but you can bet news outlets will run with it).

I'm just going to assume its all being taken out of context until after a reveal and people get to try it out for themselves. I'm sure something is likely true, but not necessarily in the way we're thinking.
clintagious650  +   793d ago
I'll wait until ms clarifies these things, otherwise its just rumors & speculations.
Npugz7  +   793d ago
the 720 is sounding worse and worse all the time!!!!!!!
SlapHappyJesus  +   793d ago
I was a big supporter of the 360 for the majority of this generation. The last few years, however, I have moved from a dedicated consumer to a begrudging consumer, realizing that I am now just too invested in the system to cut ties completely - stuck paying for the luxury of using my own internet connection, while other services take my measly few dollars a month and offer me lists of free games.
That said, if everything I hear is true, the next xbox is the last console I see myself purchasing. That's if I choose to purchase it at all.
While I am making the switch to pc gaming as my main means of gaming, I am definitely interested in purchasing a Playstation 4 sometime down the road, once there is a solid list of exclusives for it. Same with the WiiU.
Once a console manufacturer shows they care nothing about the people that throw money their way, well, I stop throwing money their way.
CaptainPunch  +   793d ago
I won't be buying the next Xbox if any of this is true, unless Microsoft creates an amazing new IP.
Codeman420  +   793d ago
they havent done that in a long time. i think they forgot how to.

Edit: i like the one disagree, please tell me a new IP that was worth a sh** on the 360
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Gamer1982  +   792d ago
A new IP will really make you change your mind if all this is true?? It won't me! I'm sorry but I buy my consoles to play games.. I enjoyed my 360 and even Kinect to an extent (got boring quick) but these rumours if true are enough to put me of a console. MS wants an entertainment unit first and a console second.
CaptainPunch  +   792d ago
Like I said it would have to be amazing.
Root  +   793d ago
If it requires me to always be online AND plug in Kinect....actually,if it forces me to buy the console with Kinect included then no buy from me.

Microsoft are so out of touch
maniacmayhem  +   793d ago
What about the PS4 forcing you to buy the camera that works with the controller? Will you buy that?
Root  +   793d ago
Well apparently it might not come with the camera as some people above have stated. Since its not really needed, I can see Sony making bundles with or without it
maniacmayhem  +   793d ago
So again, the question I ask you is would you still buy the PS4 if it comes with the camera?

Which by the way is rumored to be an upgraded Eyetoy that will have all the capabilities of the Kinect 2.0.
hazardman  +   793d ago
Actually I believe the PS4 will come with its own camera. Sony just isn't doing all the crap that MS is so noone really talks about it. Also the PS4 camera might look like Kinect but it won't have same capabilities. Kinect has the better specs. I believe(correct me if I'm wrong)that the Kinect cam is 1080p and Sonys dual camera set up is 720p.
ziggurcat  +   793d ago
Like before the PS4 was announced, I think it's best to wait until an official announcement. However, if any of this is remotely true.... Yeesh.... It's ridiculous to force people into having a camera peripheral connected in order to even use the system, on top of all of the other seemingly draconian features.
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younglj01  +   793d ago
I'm going to wait until MS say something bc I refuse too believe these rumors...
DEATHxTHExKIDx  +   793d ago
If these rumors are true I rlly wonder how MS is gonna justify it because this dosent sound good at all. Im hoping there not true.
Jek_Porkins  +   793d ago
More rumors from unnamed sources....seems legit.
RTheRebel  +   793d ago
PS4 and Wii U all I need to survive and maybe a 3DS and Vita :)
first1NFANTRY  +   793d ago
just place a note a few inches infront of the camera quoting "F U Mirconatti" lol problem solved
TuxedoMoon  +   793d ago
Some of these rumors are pretty out there. Hopefully M$ says something or has a reveal conference soon. I really want to see what the nextbox really is.
urwifeminder  +   793d ago
Should be sweet looking forwad to the new box i think sony are funding n4g now lol i love the speculation go MS.
Arai  +   793d ago
Haha that picture with the article is funny...reminds me of that SouthPark episode.
MS will announce their next console next month if rumors are to be believed.
So we shall see then...
SDF Repellent  +   793d ago
Arn't these the same rumors from before? Nothing is official until the system is announced. I guess these bad Microsoft rumor articles are necessary since it is keeping N4G afloat just like Tabloids. It is a business afterall, so I can't really blame N4G to continue to approve these fan made pieces to please the majority of their audiences
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FlyingFoxy  +   793d ago
Well i'll be sticking with PC, but if they can hack the new Kinect i might buy it for motion capture 3D animation, that's about all it's good for like the current Kinect.
maniacmayhem  +   793d ago
Xbox 720 Leaks Suggest A Dark Future, Attacks Used Games, Privacy and Consumers
Awesome title.
It's like a movie...

Xbox 720 suggests a dark future where robot sharks rule the world and have blown up the moon and put laser eye patches on Canadian Black Bears!

landog  +   793d ago
wow, news about nextbox is getting worse and worse, i was looking forward to getting one but the more i hear the less i want one

might just roll pc and ps4

i bought a ps3 and 360 at launch, don't think i will be grabbing a 720 right away, need to see how this all pans out

pretty sure i'll get a ps4 in the launch window, though i might even wait and see on that, hearing bf4 will only be 720p on both "next gen" console is making me wonder just how next gen they will be

i would buy bf4 on pc anyway, but that rumor is a little scary, lets hope it is just a rumor
Qrphe  +   793d ago
720p BF4 on next-gen consoles was confirmed to be fake; here is a translation of the actual rumor from the Chinese guy who "leaked" it.

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tweet75  +   793d ago
maybe the 720 will do like the ps4 and not allow you play anything you have bought on xbox live, you have to buy everything over again
stage88  +   792d ago
Nice stealth trolling. Oh wait, it wasn't.
coolasj  +   793d ago
Microsoft would be hanging themselves with a noose if they did all of this. It's just suicidal. But, the rumors keep popping up.
hazardman  +   793d ago
Man I can't wait for the MS reveal. Only then will I make a decision to buy or not. I hope MS knows that they would be lucky to hit half their current user base if rumors are true. To me all this always on and crap that MS is rumored to have and the gaming social media crap that PS is pushing seems intrusive. People have their opinions and that just mine.

Anyway go ahead with all your bullshit MS, your already making it easy for me to know what console I will be buying in the future.
kenna999  +   793d ago
If the 720 comes with kinect and the 720 has the same fail rate as the 360 there's going to be lots of kinect sensors in people's homes
SDF Repellent  +   793d ago
The PS4 is also “always connected”. It is called Connected standby. It has connection to the internet and downloads stuff in the background so it is ready when you eventually need it. Ring a bell? That is EXACTLY what sony talked about at thier press conference.
Yoshida told Eurogamer. "The system has the low-power mode - I don't know the official term - that the main system is shut down but the subsystem is awake. Downloading or updating or you can wake it up using either the tablet, smartphone or PS Vita."

Always connected is not the same as drm checks every second to make sure you don’t do piracy. And it doesn’t mean that if you lose your connection it won’t work. That is not the news here at all. That was the previous rumor. The new rumor only says it is “always on” and “always connected”, just like the PS4.

Man, I gonna need more Repellents as it is getting nasty here. LOL
#28 (Edited 793d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
MasterCornholio  +   792d ago
The problem with your comment is that your article is from an interview with Yoshida who is the head of the playstation division. Which is why there is absolutely no confirmation from Sony (like you said with Yoshidas comment) that the rumors for the 720 are true or false.


""You can play offline, but you may want to keep it connected," Yoshida told Eurogamer. "The system has the low-power mode - I don't know the official term - that the main system is shut down but the subsystem is awake. Downloading or updating or you can wake it up using either the tablet, smartphone or PS Vita.""

Sony has already confirmed that the PS4 can be played without a constant internet connection and hopefully Microsoft will confirm the same when they announce their console.

BTW this remind me of all the rumors claiming that the PS4 wouldnt be able to play second hand games but Yoshida confirmed them to be false.
_-EDMIX-_  +   791d ago
Agreed. Sony has said you can play offline and play used games.

Not sure what he was reading. LOL!

What troubles me the most, is that you have to install the games on the HDD! They are pretty much going against used games. Period.

Even if you didn't want to use the main Bluray drive, why not just get a faster drive? They have Bluray drives on PC that have fast read speeds so....

Mind you the money you would be spending on more HDD space would make more damn sense on just adding in a better Bluray drive. LOL! Its so silly its not even funny. MS is trying to make money off its supporters period. "The read speeds are so, so you have to install it...y...yeah" LOL! We made a cheaper system by not having a beast Bluray drive, instead you just buy bigger and bigger hdds and it can't play used games.....y...yeah" Its so funny, because it makes no real sense, it only makes sense based off of trying to make money off of there really slow install base.

I mean they bought Live despite the rest of gaming doing otherwise.

MS is aiming to get rid of used games to make more profit JUST like they got rid of core studios to make more profit from Kinect.

Good luck with that 720, I'm not partaking in that train wreck. I own a PC and will get a PS4.
Jakens  +   793d ago
I love my 360 and but I'll leave her for a younger stronger model.
BuffMordecai  +   792d ago
Microsoft is the cancer killing the game industry.
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