Imagining Grand Theft Auto on Wii U writes:

2K games and Rockstar have never been great supporters of Nintendo. Besides Manhunt 2 and Grand theft Auto: China Town Wars, Rockstars mature games have avoided Nintendo consoles like the plague. With Nintendo pledging to recapture the core audience, there was a lot conjecture that Grand Theft Auto 5 would make an appearance on the Wii U. However the situation has changed with Strauss Zelnick, the CEO of 2K games declaring his skepticism on bringing core titles on the Wii U. Well for now, a Wii U version of GTA V seems out of the question. Just imagine the possibilities of GTA V on Wii U. Check out some of my ideas.

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MultiConsoleGamer1977d ago

I would buy a Wii U versio even if I had already played another version on a different console.

BullyMangler1977d ago

For what?, so you can play this on the gamepad facing any direction you please?
Sounds good to me.

MultiConsoleGamer1977d ago (Edited 1977d ago )

Your limited imagination can't imagine the unique possibilities. So I'm not going to explain it to you. You seem pretty down on the Wii U anyway, so perhaps you would be more comfortable posting in a Nintendo is doomed topic.

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Sweelix1977d ago

might as well imagine, seeing as it will never get it

FlyingFoxy1977d ago

That would be interesting, but if it doesn't have enhanced graphics over the 360 and PS3 version it would be a total joke. Surely they could ramp the textures up a little from those versions, at the very least it should look between ps3/360 and the top settings for the pc version.

The_Klank1977d ago

Correct me if I'm wrong but there is no Pc version.

1nsaint1977d ago

There will be, probably about half a year later, like most GTA games.

TheSaint1977d ago

I imagine it won't happen, Ninty are slowly losing the plot.

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