If FFX HD Is A Rip-Roaring Success, Will Square Enix Come Around?

Let's just assume that Final Fantasy X HD sells well. It seems highly unlikely that it won't. And if that happens, will it be a big enough wake-up call?

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Kamikaze1352067d ago

Well...supposedly SE realizes their RPGs aren't so great according to some story I read a few days ago.

I understand that they want to innovate the series, but they're trying to innovate in all of the wrong ways. Rather than try to lure more fans to expand the fanbase, they're luring more fans, while driving the current fans away.

sinncross2067d ago

You hit a good point... they have ended up alienating their fanbase (or some of it at least)

Godmars2902067d ago

Come round to what? Not to insult the game, but FF10 is really where Square started going off track. The overworld disappeared and a blitzball became as lethal yet more useful than a sword. And then there were the overboard plot contrivances.

Minato-Namikaze2067d ago

But 12 was open world. FF13 and westernization is where it all went wrong. FF10 is GTA compared to 13.

Godmars2902067d ago

No. It was open maps. You walked around an area the size of Europe. You were air pirates - who - w-a-l-k-e-d.

As apposed to air pirates who at one point could get into their air ship and fly around the whole of the world.

chestnut11222067d ago (Edited 2067d ago )

It's more like Square is On and Off,
FF 10 was great, FF 12 was Really Great, ff 13 I don't need to meh, ff type 0 was really great. and back to ff 13 again which is mehhhhh

gear2067d ago

this sentence " blitzball became as lethal yet more useful than a sword" made me laugh!;)

NukaCola2067d ago

If SE is successful by porting HD remakes will it stop them from being retards and create fresh IPs or something good? No, it will probably have them create more HD remakes. Yes, I want some nostalgia (Really want an HD polished Vita version of Chrono Trigger) but SE needs to really fail in order to learn and fix themselves.

e-p-ayeaH2067d ago (Edited 2067d ago )

SquareEnix as a lot of potential to make great games still today but for some reason only handhelds got their best work these last 5 years or so.

They better start not messing around any longer and give us the great rpg´s we want to dive in.

erikthegman2066d ago

maybe we'll get a final fantasy xii hd remake. I find myself enjoying handheld games more than console games lately, but the lack of ad hoc multiplayer for many vita titles is severely disappointing. FIFA 13 doesn't support it and it has broken online. I can't even finish an online game without being disconnected. little big planet would have been more enjoyable if I could play with 4 friends in the same room. a xii remake with dragon quest 9 like multiplayer where everyone controls a character would be awesome instead of the unreliable gambit system.

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