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Zack says, "Let’s be honest here for a moment: there will be a lot of ranting going on in this review, as I am sure you already expected. There is only two weeks that separates us from the launch of SimCity. Needless to say, a lot has happened, mostly revolving around the server stability (or lack thereof). Much like when Diablo III launched last year, a lot of it was blamed by the developer on the unexpected large volume of players to hit their servers at midnight. You would think they would know that two of the biggest franchises on the PC may draw a bit of a crowd."

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Sidology2012d ago

simcity, more like can't play my $60 game.

2pacalypsenow2012d ago

I really want to play it but dont want to deal with that DRM crap

titans99992012d ago

Stick with sim city 4 unit they make a DRM free game

3-4-52011d ago

Are there any mods that make sim city 4 look better or with more updated graphics or even a different Art style ?