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Submitted by ICC_06 1053d ago | opinion piece

The fall of an industry giant: Why EA's departing CEO will be hailed

Ninemsn: While his resignation might be celebrated by yahoos on discussion boards and social networks, Riccitiello's risky manoeuvring and acquisitions were made in an effort to fuel economic growth in the industry.

Without that growth is an industry lacking quality control and confidence. For as poor as EA's financial situation was during his tenure, many of his decisions will be hailed in the future as revolutionary. (EA, Industry)

Rearden  +   1053d ago
Fall? Gamers might hate EA, but business-wise, they're doing fine. EA's future looks pretty good. The next Battlefield and Madden and FIFA games are gonna sell a boat load and their stock is up over 10% this year.

EA's games might not be up to standard to what they were, but the games are selling well enough for the company to survive for years to come.

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