Why the Wii U is Doing Fine (and How Nintendo Can Do Better)

NintendoDude Writes: It has been over four months since the launch of the Wii U. As usual, many “game journalists” are calling for the end of Nintendo. Investors are suggesting that Nintendo call it quits on the console front, instead saying that they should focus on mobile games and possibly becoming a third-party publisher for other consoles.

First off, those people are making misplaced assumptions. People have been spouting doom and gloom for Nintendo since the days of the Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo. Second of all, every blunder made by Nintendo with the Wii U launch can be easily fixed. Now I’m not suggesting that the Wii U launch was perfect, but it certainly wasn’t bad enough to spell death for the company, and here are some reasons why the Wii U launch wasn’t/isn’t as bad as you think:

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Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II2094d ago

it barley outsells psp in the last report i wouldnt call that fine.. It badly needs first party games tho and i think then it will pickup.

PopRocks3592094d ago (Edited 2094d ago )

Thing is the Vita has been selling even lower numbers for a while, but now it's seen a spike in Japan and it is considered fine. At some point, probably after more games and a price drop hit the Wii U, sales will probably pick up more significantly.

NatureOfLogic2093d ago

I like how you Nintendo fanboys always attack the Vita sales performance in defense of the horribly performing WiiU, while ignoring the fact that Vita is a handheld competing with other handhelds. Even If you continue to compare a console(WiiU) versus a handheld(Vita) which is not performing as expected, It still doesn't change your fanboyish nightmare of the WiiU underperforming.

PopRocks3592093d ago (Edited 2093d ago )

Wow. Aren't you mature. It's funny how I'm accused of attacking the Vita despite wanting to buy one at some point. You and TongkatAli should get together and go bowling.

The sad thing about you calling me a fanboy is you're the one getting all defensive over the Vita. Seriously, that thing has been underperforming for a year (and still does in all regions but Japan), yet no one acknowledges it. Yet for whatever reason people will not only label the Wii U a failure, but will act as is there is no conceivable way it can do better later on the way the Vita is now.

I'm sorry that stating a fact offends you so much. Be sure to call me when you stop calling the kettle black.

1nsaint2093d ago

True, once the mario, zelda and metroid games start roling out, sales are definitly gonna pick up.

Super smash bros. alone is gonna attract a massive audience.
I would hate not having a wiiU or 3DS when that game comes out

That's why i am very exited to see what Nintendo is gonna bring to E3 while i dont even own a nintendo console atm.

dungeonboss2094d ago

I think the general idea is that the launch was meh, but Nintendo is no where near the doom and gloom predicted by 95% of the internet. And good games are coming soon.

360ICE2093d ago (Edited 2093d ago )

They're near, all right.

tweet752093d ago

im confident once companies start releasing lots of good original game on wii u it will sell more. The problem so far has been that most 3rd party games have been the same ones as other consoles. This combined with lack of nintendos own games has hurt but if nintendo comes out with a series of great games in 2013 they may increase sales.

MelonSaurus2093d ago

Put this topic to rest, jesus christ...

Ol_G2093d ago

some people can't enjoy games only write about gaming

MelonSaurus2093d ago

Topics like these have been beaten to a pulp on N4G. So sick of seeing them. Write something that's actually original for god's sake.

josephayal2093d ago

the Wii U sells like crazy on first day

PopRocks3592093d ago

First two months technically. Pretty good for a console of its price tag, but it slowed down exponentially. Most likely due to the lack of games and marketing. Nintendo needs to regain some momentum prior to E3.

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