Beyond: Two Souls Evolves Further, PlayStation 4 Appearance?

"Beyond: Two Souls’ evolution since E3 announcement, developer of Dead Island: Riptide calls out their very own publisher, and Square Enix announces a somewhat exclusive Wii U release."

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KnightRobby1891d ago

Can't wait to see Beyond: Two Souls. I really do hope they have evolved their actual gameplay a bit more. I know a lot of people complained it felt like a game of QTE's, although I never said that ;)

I've heard Quantic Dream is also working on 2 other titles. Hopefully we see even more from them at E3 2013! Great news article btw.

jc485731891d ago

one of the things I can't stand is making it multiplatform between 2 different generations.

LOGICWINS1891d ago

You don't like people having options?

jc485731891d ago (Edited 1891d ago )

I'm not sure if it has anything to do with options, but I think the overall production quality of the game may be affected because a lot of the resources is spent porting from one console to another rather than spending more valuable time on version at a time. The ones I don't like is simultaneous releases on all consoles.

GribbleGrunger1891d ago (Edited 1891d ago )

Please stop that ridiculous pointing to the screen and that pretentious fade out and walk into the camera at the end. It drives me crazy. Nice delivery otherwise ... if a little affected.

leogets1891d ago

critics..... arnt we all..

GribbleGrunger1891d ago

I always watch his little vidcasts. It just drives me nuts everytime he does that lol

Welcome2Die1891d ago

I seriously cant wait to see what QD has in store for the PS4, I just hope its not a bunch of old men lol

Jaqen_Hghar1891d ago

"From the makers of old man on black background comes...TWO old men on black backgrounds! Twice the creepy. Twice the hair. Twice the deep eyes. Coming this Fall."

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