Has a Video Game Ever Made You Cry?

Video games have a way of creating an emotional connection with the player. Whether it is through brilliant story telling, climactic action sequences, or just wanting our characters to succeed, they have a way of grabbing hold of us, taking us on a journey.

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Lovable1801d ago

Persona 4. If you played this game you'll know what I mean

Snookies121801d ago

Dang it... I hated that moment so much, I knew it was coming too, I saw it coming but it still got me lol.

AsimLeonheart1801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

Which moment? I have played Persona 4 but dont exactly know what you are talking about? Is it the ending?
As for making me cry, most recently I got a little teary eyed when Oliver's mother died in Ni No Kuni and he was crying so badly...
Other than that I felt really sad at Xenosaga Episode 3's ending. Everything was so bitter sweet and tragic including the music. Couldnt shake off the sadness for 2 or 3 days.
FFX was definitely very emotional especially when Jecht dies and Tidus vanishes. Also the first time I entered Zanarkand it was so... scary and sad for me. It was like a great journey was about to come to an end and I will lose Yuna soon. The soundtrack there gave me a really heavy heart

darthv721801d ago

no, but i have had a seizure that was caused by a video game. It was FZero on the gamecube.

That game was so fast and flashy, it has been the ONLY game where i experienced such a thing.

And i have been playing lots of games for over 30 years. I can say...I have not played it since then.

Lovable1801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

Spoiler: When Dojima asked you to save Nanako inside the hospital. That melt my heart...considering how the player get so attached to Nanako, seeing all those stuff happened was really heart breaking

HammadTheBeast1801d ago

Legend of Dragoon.


thorstein1801d ago

Telltale's Walking Dead...

SkyGamer1801d ago

Lost Odyssey for me. Some of the dream sequences and when someone found their mother. Great game!

Eyeco1801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

FF7, MGS 4 and especially Limbo made me break a tear the last 2 were absolutely depressing

NatureOfLogic1801d ago

Kingdom Hearts 2 when sora leaves twilight town.

gta28001801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )


The gaming moments that made me cry or wanna cry:

-Final Fantasy X Ending (Tidus says bye to Yuna)

-Legend of Dragoon ending (Dart visits Lavitz house for that drink he promised him)

-Infamous 2, evil scenario(Cole kills Zeig)

-Final Fantasy 8 (Rinoa drifts into space)

-Red Dead Redemption (John Marstons death)

-Resident Evil Code Veronica(Steves death)

-Half Life 2 (Eli Vance death)

-Shadow of the Colossus (Agro death)

These are in no particular order. Just some of the sad scenes I remember off the top of my head at the moment.

Gaming1011801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

But everyone on this thread seems to. What does that make all of you? That's right, little girls. LOL JK

What happened to Argo in Shadow of the Colossus was like a Sally the Dog moment, because it so closely delved into the relationship people can have with animals. That just seems to get to people. You hear people died and you're for some reason not as sad as when you hear someone's dog died.

llMurcielagoll1801d ago


N4G should add a report comment option for FREAKIN SPOILERS!!!!

Hellsvacancy1801d ago

Shadow of the Colossus, when Agro falls off the bridge

It affected my 5 year daughter the most, she was next to me whilst I was playing it, she was happy by the end of the game

Journey "almost" got me

jrbeerman111800d ago

ff13 made me cry because i wasted my money on that trash...

Bimkoblerutso1800d ago

I feel like a lot of you are saying you "cried" simply when something made you very sad.

There are many parts from many games that have made me very sad, but I've honestly never cried over any of those moments.

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izumo_lee1801d ago

Man that moment when it first happened was heartbreaking....the music that played really enhanced that moment.

When Aerith was killed i didn't really cry but it did choke me up quite a bit cause i used her a lot in the game & to see her taken away from me was devastating.

My very first & actual 'man tears' was the end of Crisis Core. Zack was just such an awesome character & he was well developed within the game. To see his last stand was excrutiating & even though we all knew he was gonna die the game showed it in such an emotional way it really gets to you.

TongkatAli1801d ago

The only time i cried in Persona 4 is when it ended cause i didn't want it to end...... sike! I know what scene you're talkng about and Dojima voice actor is amazing.

Kratoscar20081801d ago

Nah P3 the journey ending, nuff said.

Motorola1801d ago

persona 3 is worse because you die at the end. the game is 6 years old who doesnt know that ending by now.

P45cal1801d ago

Shit thanks for the spoiler bro. I'm 20h in Persona 3 Portable, ehh what did I expect I'm on the internet.

MetalMayhem1801d ago

Agreed, I've never cried but damn i came close during Persona 4.

Merrill1801d ago

Not even close. Games just don't have that power yet, that suspension of disbelief where I really lose myself in the character or loss of one. I lose myself in the games, but not the characters.

The quality of the story telling isn't there yet, games need better/professional writers. I hope the new tech can properly portray human emotion for me to care when they're lost.

Apollosupreme1801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

Closest I ever came was back in '97 when FFVII came out. When (you should) know who gets murdered, totally unexpectedly stabbed in the back, it hit me hard.

a.) It was a played up to be a happy moment that is quickly, evilly, destroyed.
b.) The character was very likeable.

Second closest was also in FFVII, during Nanaki's storyline. That was some beautiful storytelling right there.

joab7771801d ago

Only when it glitched and i lost everything.

showtimefolks1801d ago

yakuza 3
MGS peacewalker and 4

B_Rian891801d ago

Yakuza 3 is the only game that made me teary eyed. Which part was it for you?
For me it was when Rikiya took the bullet for Kazuma

showtimefolks1800d ago

Same scene that was so nice

Gamer19821801d ago

FFVII when Aeris died.. The only time I ever cried because of a video game.. I got so invested in that game..

pain777pas1801d ago

No question FF7 and for me FF7 Crisis Core ending. Zack is the best FF character of all time for me... and its not even funny man. Honorable mentions MGS3 and 4 and Legend of Dragoon.

Kingscorpion19811800d ago

Hmmm I'm not gonna say it made me Cry but Heavy Rain was emotional!

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Wedge191801d ago

I highly agree with the FFX and Walking Dead. I can get emotional in sad moments, epic moments, in TV, Movies, and Games. Yeah, I'm one of those types, and I am totally ok with that.

kabala1801d ago

Final Fantasy on the Snes. When the twins....(sniff)

Septic1801d ago

Duke Nukem Forever did....and I didn't even play the game.

camel_toad1801d ago

Ha consider yourself lucky for not ever playing it.

e-p-ayeaH1801d ago

Its not that bad i had more fun playing DNF than some AAA singleplayer games.

SilentNegotiator1801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

Then play some better AAA singleplayer games.

DNF is as subpar as they come.

TrendyGamers1801d ago

Final Fantasy X definitely has its moments.

NastyLeftHook01801d ago

demons souls (cries of pain and happiness)