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Ken Levine talks multiplayer in BioShock: Infinite

DToid:Was particularly curious to know how, after last year's reports of a cancelled multiplayer mode, Levine felt about the idea of narrative-focused games adding multiplayer, and whether or not it cheapens the experience. (BioShock: Infinite, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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KnightRobby  +   393d ago
As long as the development of a multiplayer component is genuine, doesn't affect singleplayer development whatsoever and can survive in the long run, then I would happily support it. But anymore, it seems developers need to realize they do not have to cram in multiplayer.

More importantly, those interested in Bioshock: Infinit (who isn't?) are going to want singleplayer DLC - not multiplayer DLC. As in the case with Tomb Raider, I am certain many fans would much prefer high quality singleplayer DLC instead of having sub-par multiplayer with the addition of DLC.

Seems to me sp is here to stay: Look at Skyrim's sales, Batman: Arkham City, etc.

Though I am for coop (though the same rules still apply).
MooseWI  +   392d ago
I wish the DLC was included right away, but that's an old story. With season passes and everything now-a-days, you can't avoid it.

I don't know if anyone remembers Bioshock 2 multiplier, wasn't half bad, wasn't that great either though. The problem is retaining a player base to actually keep the MP from dying. Even popular games like Halo 4 have seen low numbers, not nearly enough to have troubles finding games or anything, but lower MP numbers than the past.

Maybe it is a good time for next-gen.
vickers500  +   392d ago

Just a heads up to everyone keeping up with bioshock infinite articles, I'd advise you to keep away from the comments section from now on, as we now have our first potential worthless, no life douchebag scum who is posting possible HUGE spoilers in Bioshock Infinite articles. The poster in question, who has had two comments already reported as spam in bioshock articles is DonJogHurt.

I can't confirm whether or not his spoilers are true, but I'd advise everybody here to avoid the comments section of bioshock articles from now on at all costs, because one of the spoilers is a huge one and will likely ruin the games story for you if true.
Jacobster  +   392d ago
I agree but I have seen the likes of ND split their development team for Uncharted 3 and as a result both elements suffered in my opinion. I guess we can't have it all !
guitarded77  +   392d ago
Why is she "super nervous" to be sitting next to Ken... is he a serial rapist or something?

NOTE: MP discussion begins at 6:15 in vid.
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Derekvinyard13  +   392d ago
Lmao she makes him look like a creeper after she says that
DonJogHurt   392d ago | Spam

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