Ken Levine talks multiplayer in BioShock: Infinite

DToid:Was particularly curious to know how, after last year's reports of a cancelled multiplayer mode, Levine felt about the idea of narrative-focused games adding multiplayer, and whether or not it cheapens the experience.

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KnightRobby2068d ago

As long as the development of a multiplayer component is genuine, doesn't affect singleplayer development whatsoever and can survive in the long run, then I would happily support it. But anymore, it seems developers need to realize they do not have to cram in multiplayer.

More importantly, those interested in Bioshock: Infinit (who isn't?) are going to want singleplayer DLC - not multiplayer DLC. As in the case with Tomb Raider, I am certain many fans would much prefer high quality singleplayer DLC instead of having sub-par multiplayer with the addition of DLC.

Seems to me sp is here to stay: Look at Skyrim's sales, Batman: Arkham City, etc.

Though I am for coop (though the same rules still apply).

MooseWI2067d ago

I wish the DLC was included right away, but that's an old story. With season passes and everything now-a-days, you can't avoid it.

I don't know if anyone remembers Bioshock 2 multiplier, wasn't half bad, wasn't that great either though. The problem is retaining a player base to actually keep the MP from dying. Even popular games like Halo 4 have seen low numbers, not nearly enough to have troubles finding games or anything, but lower MP numbers than the past.

Maybe it is a good time for next-gen.

vickers5002067d ago


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Jacobster2067d ago

I agree but I have seen the likes of ND split their development team for Uncharted 3 and as a result both elements suffered in my opinion. I guess we can't have it all !

guitarded772067d ago (Edited 2067d ago )

Why is she "super nervous" to be sitting next to Ken... is he a serial rapist or something?

NOTE: MP discussion begins at 6:15 in vid.

Derekvinyard132067d ago

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