Why Final Fantasy Versus XIII on PS4 makes perfect sense

Final Fantasy Versus XIII is by far the most anticipated game this generation ever since its announcement back in May 2006. So why might this modern action-RPG have been pushed to the PS4?

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NeXXXuS2068d ago (Edited 2068d ago )

Because releasing it on PS3 wouldn't have to make us wait even longer, obviously... :\

Irishguy952068d ago (Edited 2068d ago )

We have Ign reporting it as a rumor, then we have 3 reliable 'leakers'. 2 Neogaf users which are have proven reliable, and VGleaks who proved Reliable with the Ps4 spec leaks

Then you have Wada spouting his ambition stuff.

Then you have VGleaks giving us a reasonable reason as to why Versus gameplay was shown and then suddenly disappeared for ages with nothing said except "please wait, ambition!"

HammadTheBeast2068d ago

And Square Enix coming out at the PS4 event, showing an old "trailer", then walking off with E3 signs on their asses.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2068d ago

Because releasing it on PS4 means Nomura can achieve his ambition.

Please do it.

Sevir2068d ago

if its one thing weve learned over the years is that Japanese Developers
troll their fans. From Kojipro-Platinum MGR fiasco to the Phantom Pain being confirmed as running on Fox engine and being shown the very same day Kojima is having a live stream event for Ground Zero.

I'm starting to believe that FFv13 switched to Next Gen Luminous engine around September 2011 when Square started showing off the rendering engine in prototype form, and now that the engine had been running on the ps4 they decided to just change the name and make it a main entry to the FF series.

It makes sense especially when they Changed FF agito 13 into FF type-0 And released it for the PSP instead of mobile phones. Likely square saw that the FF13 series had enough spin off/sequels in form of
FF13, 13-2, and LR:FF13.

When FF13 was announced it announced with the "Fabula Nova Crysillis" Meaning "New Tale of the Crystal" with it Versus13 And agito 13 were the other 2 games in the compilation.

having turned 13 story into its own universe spanning 3 sequels I guess Square ultimately decided against allowing Versus to share the same fate FF13 and its improved but still commercial failure sequel suffered. So letting 13 be its own thing and changine the name and the universe of the other original 2 games announced in 2006 it makes perfect sense that Versus 13 become a main numbered series especially with how ambitious the project is.

And skipping a generation, to be apart of the PS4 after being in Development for 7 years makes that much more sense! Bring it..

shout out to Square and Tetsuya Nomura for being bigger trolls in the game industry than Hideo Kojima. Way to have us fooled for 7 Years only to find you changed your games name mid development and move to next gen platforms. Lol

KingPin2068d ago (Edited 2068d ago )

people are still waiting for this game?

damn. you guys need to move on.

you more likely to play this before FFvXIII

wishingW3L2068d ago

what can be said? The FF franchise has the most loyal fans ever.

KingPin2068d ago

you mean blindly loyal fans. aka sheep.

phatzo2068d ago

I don't think it's the most anticipated game of this generation.

Makasu2068d ago

Then what? The Last Guardian? :)

Chard2068d ago

clearly he means Agent

phatzo2067d ago

Probably Grand Theft Auto 5.

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The story is too old to be commented.