Review: Gears of War: Judgment offers shallow campaign but fun multiplayer -

The Gears of War series has been around for six years and has become one of Microsoft’s flagship franchises.

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4lc4pon32068d ago

i think its the best gears so far imo.I am enjoying the single player, new weapons, playing different characters (listening to there story) and some new locusts.

I like it

omi25p2067d ago

The single player is completely ruined by the forced by the terrible scoring system.

Jek_Porkins2068d ago

I thought it was the best campaign.

Eldyraen2068d ago

I've barely scratched the surface of the game and can already tell it won't be my favorite campaign.

Just something about it that screams 'ARCADE-Y!" compared to the others. The Star system doesn't help even if Declassified option is kind of cool as adds bit of variety but also makes it less immersive. The faster pace doesn't really help in sticking with GoW vibe as it was originally bit slower and had more weight to it too.

In the long run I think I'm going to still enjoy it (hopefully) but its just not the same (by design granted, but still...). Tomorrow though I should be playing coop with a friend which might help as well since Gears has always been better with a buddy (the best thing about many of MS's top exclusives).

Ravenor2068d ago

That's the point of the campaign, it's an arcade score attack. The story is broken up that way, and told the way it's told for precisely that reason.

The hectic nature of some sections with the Declassify activated on harder difficulties are fantastic.

Eldyraen2068d ago


I know, but that's also what makes it less of a traditional GoW game which is why many people have reviewed it poorly (or rather 'good' for most part) and why I know it won't be my favorite 'Gears' game even at this point.

I never said it was bad though, just different (not that you said I did--but anything not completely positive will end up being seen as a negative by someone somewhere).

I think this game all comes down to if you can or are willing to accept that the game should be seen in its own light and not necessarily as a 'traditional' Gears game which some people simply won't be able to do. Its sort of the ODST of Gears in a sense as it both caters to and alienates some segment of the original audience depending on how open minded they are. Its also why it likely didn't have the same marketing as the other Gears games (its Gears, yet it isn't--sort of). I have a feeling its likely not going to sell quite as well either but we'll have to wait and see.

I'm having a blast but no one will ever say its the same game either and I think Unreal/PCF/previewers/reviewer s/etc did a pretty good job letting people know that in advance. Its something just a little bit different for fans of the game that might also cater to others that didn't quite care for the originals. Its a tough line to walk and quite brave of them to even attempt it. So far though have to say they did a pretty nice job making a unique yet recognizable experience.

Basically I was just explaining why I knew (or at least am assuming) how it wouldn't be my favorite 'Gears' campaign because its different enough where its more something new than just a continuation. Its almost an offshoot like tv shows or movies sometimes get which play on the original's strengths but don't necessarily just ride on its coattails (if they're good anyways--again, tough thing to get right).

Ravenor2068d ago

Hey, I'm one of those few who enjoys your standard Halo games and also got a kick out of ODST. I apologize if it seemed like I was jumping down your throat there, I just feel this games going to get dumped on for reasons that aren't necessarily fair.

I love the Multiplayer too, right up to the point where you realize it's only 4 maps for competitive MP. I think this is partially due to the other game modes having their own maps completely separate (Overrun/Survival). I dunno we'll see.

Eldyraen2068d ago

@Ravenor: Nah, wasn't anything about you I just get caught up when I start typing sometimes (on forums especially) and explain way too much and more than I was ever planning to. Half the time I go on tangents that are only loosely based on what I started about anyways. Its sort of relaxing and helps me focus at the same time.

I'm pretty much in the same boat although I haven't even tried multiplayer yet. It is a good game but don't think its going to get as much attention/sales as it deserves simply by association while being different at the same time. Granted it will still probably sell better than some of the other games that I had a blast playing just don't expect same sales as other Gears games for one reason or another.

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Ravenor2068d ago

What people are bound to miss is that this Gears isn't your typical Gears. The story is told the way it is to better facilitate the different sections and how everything is broken up. It's an arcade score attack Gears game, don't come to this game expecting the cohesion of Gears 3.

BanBrother2068d ago

Worst Gears yet, hands down. Campaign is laughable. Basically, Spartan ops in Halo 4 has a better story than this. Disgrace, absolute rush job. And before anyone starts with the 'hater' bulls***, I am a massive Gears fan. The whole campaign is basically long shootout sessions. Seriously considering returning it so I can put it towards the best Bioshock infinite edition available.

Also, the Aftermath campaign sucked. The MP is a cod shooting field. No control points, just trash. From me, it is a 6/10. Again, I am a huge fan of the other Gears games, so I am speaking the truth.

IK IR Y IP T2068d ago

Campaign is great multi is a god dam joke ammo boxes never work in competive games online i seen kids spam a ammo box with a boomshot. Another stupid decision people walking around with boomshields and gnashers what the fuck ! It's so sad to see a series i love go to shit. I tried to give this game a shot after they got rid of the locust and dbno but after campaign im breaking this shit in half. If it's not broke then dont fix it Rod,Cliff,Jason,Jim and Chris worked hard for years to get gears to a perfect place that is gow3 it had a few balance issues but besides that game was great. All they had to do was leave the game intact add the new weapons modes, add dropping off of ledges armor skins it pisses me off so bad they let people can fly fuck this ip up this was by far my fav ip for the last decade now i know why none of the original talent is around epic is turning into greedy bastards !!!

Ravenor2067d ago

Gears started in 2006, a decade is 10 years.