5 Reasons Why Luigi Is The Greatest Nintendo Character

Check out the top 5 reasons why Luigi is Nintendo's most underrated character. The year of Luigi is upon us!

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Daniel_F2094d ago

Luigi is my favorite video game character. He has personality to spare and even though he might be afraid of pretty much everything that doesn't stop him from saving the day. Plus he is a ghost-busting plumber!

kirbyu2094d ago

Some of these reasons aren't good.

guitarded772094d ago

I prefer Luigi to Mario, but Link and Samus are pretty cool too.

Canary2093d ago

Luigi, Mario and Link really aren't characters, though. They're player-avatars, blank-slates, hell, Samus falls into the category, too, for most games--save that one Metroid game everyone hated.

just-joe2094d ago

Being the younger brother, I was always forced to play as Luigi, he is still my favorite.

guitarded772094d ago

Being an only child (at the time of the NES), I always found the idea of playing as Luigi interesting. So much so that I'd put it on 2 player, and kill off Mario so I could play as Luigi. I know... I had serious issues as a kid. You do stupid stuff like that when there's no one to play with.

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