Bournemouth University students working on PS4 game

EDGE - Mendel’s Farm is Static Games‘ entry for pan-European development competition Make Something Unreal Live 2013. Project lead Ryan Pinfield and his colleagues are down to the final four of the contest, which sees them demoing their game to crowds at UK technology event The Gadget Show Live in April.

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GreenRanger1796d ago

The little guy in the middle has Bungie arms.

GenericNameHere1796d ago

Yeah, what was up with Bungie that time? They should have at least crossed their hands... And why bring four guys when only one guy spoke, and the others had nothing to contribute?

Redrum0591796d ago

I encourage this, give it all you got, impress me. No amaze me...

With games that is...

Godmars2901796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

Was thinking this was a statement towards the accessibility of the PS4, but the article's more about "next gen." that the game could be put on anything including an iOS device.