New ‘always on, always connected’ Durango SDK leak is real

EDGE - Fresh documents posted on related to the next Xbox are real, our source has confirmed.

Our insider described the screengrabs from the Durango SDK on as “entirely legitimate”, although they contain much of the same information we revealed on February 6th, and were circulated to developers working with the console last year.

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Septic2094d ago (Edited 2094d ago )

Oh dear. Edge were pretty much spot on with their sources as far as the PS3 was concerned so we have to give them credit here too.

"With this “Always On, Always Connected” design, users will quickly and easily enjoy their connected entertainment experiences, with no waiting for the console to restart or install games"

Is that really the benefit of this design? The PS4 doesn't require you to be always on, always connected and still manages to achieve (according to what was shown) what was elucidated above.

But this did make me realise one thing; my hardware is already always on as it is; my smartphone is connected either via 3G or WiFi, my 360 and PS3 auto-sign in as soon as I turn them on, same goes for my PC.

So as far as this always on business is concerned, the only real issue is making sure I don't watch porn or prance around in my room dancing to Tom Jones like Carlton from Fresh Prince of Bel Air if my 720 is located there in case MS are watching me.

DragonKnight2094d ago

There's a difference between you choosing to have something always-on and someone exercising DRM by forcing always-on. Always-on is always going to be a bad decision because there is no such thing as a constantly stable network that never has down time.

If always-on goes to consoles, imagine what network maintenance would be like. Not only would you not be able to play the online component of games, you likely wouldn't be able to play games at all.

Dlacy13g2094d ago

My DVR is always on...and unless the power goes down it is always connected. I turn my TV on and bingo...I have tons of channels to surf or access their on demand content.

The reality of always on, always connected is going to be very different than what most of the conspiracy people here think.

Septic2094d ago (Edited 2094d ago )

Yeah I'm not liking the sound of this at all. DRM strikes at heart of player freedom and forcing this down our throats is going to be met by a lot of resistance by 'core gamers' (boy do I hate that term), if that is the case.

Also, you're right about the network maintenance side of things; how is that even going to work? I live in London and even then, I can foresee a lot of problems with it but what about my relatives and friends in countries where the online infrastructures are no where near as advanced?

To be honest, we still don't know exactly how it operates so we should give MS the benefit of the doubt seeing as this is still officially a rumour and we have very little info as to how this would even operate (if it exists). But I think we can all agree- this sort of move to have a quasi-DRM model just isn't what we need.

darthv722094d ago

equals no different than any other electronic device. My cable box is always on even when I turn it off. It still is on low power and can do the dvr stuff in the background.

Always connected equals no different than any other smart enabled device like a phone or pc and game consoles we have now. If you are hooked to the internet, you are pretty much always connected.

BlindGuardian2094d ago

can you all take a deep breath and read carefully for a moment

the article doesn't say anything about used games and certainly "always on always conencted" doesn't mean no used games, but the mandatory HDD installs and no gameplay from the discs DOES

DragonKnight2094d ago

If it's always-on in the cable box sense, then cool. If it's always-on in the SimCity sense, then MS are going to suffer. It definitely is too early to say for sure, but can anyone say with 100% total certainty that MS are above the SimCity style of always-on for a console?

xxLuckyStrike2094d ago

Failed to mention the first thing the document said is its "subject to change"

gaffyh2094d ago

@darth - Almost definitely they mean "Always on" in the sense that there will always be a connection to MS' server. Which would mean DRM, which would mean problems.

Just look at SimCity. \thread

darthv722094d ago (Edited 2094d ago )

how do you determine that?

always on and always connected are two different phrases. one does not equal the other. if they did then there would only be the one phrase.

I would think always on means what it says. Just like how my ps3 is always on unless I physically turn the main switch off on the back or unplug it. but if i did that, then i would not be able to connect to it over the internet.

And for that to happen my ps3 is always connected. Im know its a play on words but we really know nothing of what the words mean. We only have an implied meaning.

edit: we cant take the "literal" meaning of the terms "always on / always connected". We have to look at the figurative meanings. Because we cant predict when or where there will be power loss or signal disruptions.

the figurative meaning implies that the system will basically be available when you want it. Now seeing as MS does not have a dedicated handheld gaming device for remote play, they could be working on an xbox anywhere app that allows you to connect to your xbox from a pc or smartphone or tablet...anywhere / anytime as long as the device you are using is connected to the internet.

Like a beefed up version of smart glass but not being right next to the system as a second screen. This is all just hypothetical in a sense. I'm not saying this is EXACTLY what they are doing.

But too many are taking the literal approach to the terms when we really know NOTHING to the extent of what MS intends to do. Hell....we dont even have an official reveal for crap sake.

HammadTheBeast2094d ago

@BlindGuardian Good point. Overall, this has me confused, concerned, and bemused. And slightly amused.

Guess it's PS4 for me.

Outside_ofthe_Box2094d ago

So the next Xbox won't *require* internet connection to function that's good to hear.

The main concern now is used games...

***"It does reveal, however, that all games on Blu-Ray will be installed onto the console’s hard drive, and that play from the optical disc will not be supported"***

This doesn't sound assuring at all. Seems like the disc becomes useless after the game is installed. I hope I'm interpreting this wrong.

xursz2094d ago (Edited 2094d ago )

This is crazy. I won't throw names but I remember the same people who were saying "watch when the PS4 shoves DRM down our throat fanboys are going to bend over and accept it." Now these same people flip-flopped to supporting it. **facepalm**

Always connected DRM is nonsense no matter how you spin it. Period. As Septic mentioned, all these 'benefits' outlined have already been brought up with the PS4 so these 'benefits' are nothing but excuses.

That said, I'll take this as rumor until its confirmed.

Army_of_Darkness2094d ago (Edited 2094d ago )

I can't imagine how much the RROD#2 is gonna increase with xbox 720 when it's gonna be "always on"! ;-)

Lvl_up_gamer2094d ago

Always on doesn't bother me. All my devices that use internet are all always on. My cable box is always on even when i turn it off.

I have no problem. I still have yet to see where the issue is. People in here think that because there is an issue with internet connectivity suddenly you won't be able to play. If MS are planning the 720 to be all in 1 device I am sure they have already thought about connectivity issues.

inveni02094d ago

No. Your DVR is not always on. The machine may be, but the service isn't. Have you never called your cable/satellite provider and said, "I have no signal!" And they say, "Technicians are already working on the issue."

THAT'S the problem. Paying for a service and not being able to use it at the fault (or responsibility) of the service provider.

guitarded772094d ago

Ugh... we apparently will have to install the game to the hard drive, and the games will not be played from disc, just HD. MS will probably make us buy their licensed hard drives, so this is just out of control.

SilentNegotiator2094d ago (Edited 2094d ago )

So you have no idea what the difference between cable television and internet is, then? No wait, you didn't even compare compared your DVR being on to internet reliability COMBINED WITH network reliability. -_-

You have no problem with always on, now that it appears the next Xbox has it? Shocker. /s

To be fair, this is really just a rumor. An "insider source confirmation" does not proof make, no matter how often EDGE has gotten rumors correct.

kevnb2094d ago

well it was only a matter of time. The ps4 will end up similar as its up to the publishers.

xursz2094d ago

Jack Tretton confirmed you can play the PS4 without connecting to the internet.

If EA starts attaching DRM nonsense to PS4 games it's on them.

RememberThe3572094d ago (Edited 2094d ago )

"Always on, always connected" means that the games can only run if your connect to their network, and that is the problem. It's not ambiguous like your trying to make it sound. If only calling it "always connected" works better for you then good, but there's not point in requiring game installs on consoles unless your implementing DRM. Now, we can pretend we don't know what this means or we can make the logical connections.

I hope your right though and they've learned their lesson from Office, but at the very least it's looking like DRM is going to be pushed with this next Xbox. And we have every right to have a problem with that.

TemplarDante2094d ago

Its almost like Microsoft is giving the middle finger to most people outside of the United States to be honest. In all honesty, its doubtful to servers and network you would be connected to are localised for every country that supports XBL..
Ive had many Disconnects over XBL in the past, imagine playing a game, it dc's and it exits the game after a certain amount of minutes a la' Sim City.

_-EDMIX-_2094d ago

Agreed! What most are not really understanding is that most people don't just own internet. This move could actually destroy MS's next system if true. I really don't see people flocking to a system they have to pretty much ALWAYS have a internet connection to. There has been many times where my internet was down and I had nothing to do but catch up on some games.

What if you take it out to a remote place with no internet? What about developing countries with limited internet? What about families that don't even have internet?

So PS4 (everyone and anyone can own it)

720 (only if you have internet)

So...MS pretty much made there death bed. LOL! I see this going really bad.

Dee_912094d ago (Edited 2094d ago )

Hopefully if this news gets enough hate MS has enough time to change it.
I think this is horrible and I personally dont see any benefits.Stop trying to be so innovative and build on what you have already jeez. we all cant be benjamin franklin
Not just the always on but the installing games onto the HD bit too.
Its so funny they try to put a spin on it to make it sound like its a good thing but in reality its to make more money.
I dont usually type this but it is necessary right here.
Like really can someone tell me the benefit of any of this? Not those cookie cutter PR responses we get from MS.Because I must not fully understand this. I dont know.. guess Il have to wait and see

TheRealSpy2094d ago (Edited 2094d ago )

So much complaining and speculation about a rumor. We aren't far away from the official announcement. Just relax!

BTW, since we're all speculating anyway, did it ever occur to anyone that there will be multiple versions of the console? MS already showed an interest in doing a subscription based version of 360. Maybe the always on feature is limited to people who opt for the 99 dollar console but have to agree to a 2 year Live subscription.

sinjonezp2094d ago

Very good points and more questions are raised in contrast to ones being answered. In the United States 77% of all people are connected to the internet. While this provides a positive figure to promote a product that is always connected, server capability is an issue. Additionally will Microsoft charge consumers like last generation after buying the box? What about Americans and people around the globe who do not have internet access. Only slightly over 30% of the world is connected. Not only are Microsoft alienating possible customers, they are also creating doubt; people wondering if this is due to DRM measures or verifying owners? Microsoft should consider further research before they institute this type of strategy. Consumers do not want an environment where they feel like they are controlled; Especially if you paying a premium for the product and service.

nukeitall2094d ago (Edited 2094d ago )

Actually, I think people are mis-interpreting this.

Always on, always connected doesn't mean DRM necessary. From what I gather it means even when the console is "considered" off to most people, it is in a lower power state that is "always on" and still connected to the internet.

It doesn't say, it has to be connected, nor does it say DRM that requires you to be constantly connected.

My guess is that is a marketing tag line that has been incorrectly interpreted by the gaming media.

Of course MS knows there are going to be ISP outages or any number of problems along the way with internet connection.

If you thought of it, don't you think a corporation with educated people haven't thought of it?

Psn8002094d ago

Totally agree with you , you can't implement the gamer to leave his or her games console on all the things the op mentioned not only that with fuel prices going through the roof this is a really bad idea .

Omegasyde2094d ago

***To all the responses stating always on isn't bad and comparing to a cable box****

From this generation of games, most gamers have determined that the launch week of popular online games always have kinks to be ironed out especially if the developer underestimate the servers required(COD for example). You also have to factor in if there is a problem with netcode such as NATing or if a server is hacked.

If you have an always-on requirement, users might be affected by this by not even being able to play the game at launch (even single player). If the leaks lead to "always on" having your system connect to a dedicated XBL system then the situation is different. You also might be screwed by auto-patch updates that might cause more problems (i.e. Bethesda games lol).

But even then if a group of hackers say...anonymous, hacks MS servers, this means the system is completely unplayable unless MS has some redundancy plan (which would cost millions).

The real benefit I see coming from this, is licensing. If I lose or scratch a disc, I am sure MS would let me download the entire game at no extra charge or a small fee.

In the end, it is a catch 22. It also limits hardware sales for areas without broadband connections since there is no confirmed "off-line" mode. Then again as a incentive to entice more buyers, MS *might* make basic online play free.

DVRs and cable boxes are different since you only are using one connection to your TV providers Central Office and uploaded information is almost irrelevant.

Online games require constant data uploaded/downloaded at all times via UDP sessions.

Winter47th2094d ago

"New ‘always on, always connected’ Durango SDK leak is real"

And this was the day I decided to go PC/PS4 for the next generation.

nypifisel2094d ago

I'm not sure there's any benefit for Microsoft to have DRM seeing how piracy and so on isn't such a big problem on the consoles, only use it could have is for blocking used games I guess.

liquidhalos2094d ago

You make a good point about network stability. In September last year our landlord converted his house (which is located under our flat) into new flats and it caused terrible problems with our phoneline. It was down for almost 2 weeks and when it did come back up the builders always seemed to find a way to knock it back out again. We had on and off problems until building was finished in February. Now im asuming that had i have had a 720 i wouldnt have been able to play any of the games id already paid for?

That kind of bums me out, my 360 is my favorite console and i was planning on getting a 720 because i naturally wanted to port my live account as ive had it so long.

Im sure this wont be a disaster for microsoft but it sure is a little disaster for me and my gaming world.

JeffGUNZ2094d ago

It's pretty clear in this article what I was saying all along. "Always on, Always Connected" doesn't mean you have to have internet to play a single player game. It means the system will basically be in a standby mode. It will also download updates to games or system updates while you're at work or what not. It seems to be more of a benefit if you have internet, but no where have I read that you NEED an internet connection to play a single player game.

Utalkin2me2094d ago


"I would think always on means what it says. Just like how my ps3 is always on unless I physically turn the main switch off on the back or unplug it"

Are you really saying just cause the PS3 is plugged in it's always on?

Nafon2093d ago

I just don't see why people think this. it doesn't HAVE to be always on! If you unplug the power cable or turn off the power strip your xbox is plugged into, it's not going to explode! you'll just have to download updates when you turn it on again. It's there as a convenience, not to force it on you. If you are concerned about power usage or microsoft spying on you (which they probably will lol), unplug the damned thing! they will probably have an option in the settings to turn it off anyways.

2093d ago
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piroh2094d ago

"all games on Blu-Ray will be installed onto the console’s hard drive, and that play from the optical disc will not be supported"

is this a joke?

Simon_Brezhnev2094d ago

basically anti-used games no matter how people try to spin it.

Old McGroin2094d ago (Edited 2094d ago )

@ piroh

"is this a joke?"

I hope so but I've seen it pop up on other sites like IGN in the past half an hour so could be real. If it's true I will seriously be considering giving the next Xbox a skip.

EDIT: By "true" I mean if it leads to being unable to play used games.

claterz2094d ago

I'm sure Microsoft have some ridiculously priced hard drives lined up to store all those games ;) lol.

darthv722094d ago

if anything, the game installs a validation key in order to play. The idea of installing the "game" to the hdd from a bluray disc would imply the system would have to include a HUGE hdd.

I can see them making it to where you put the disc in, it validates against the previously installed key (via the internet if need be) and then you are able to play the game.

Sounds like PS+ in a way. I have only recently signed up for the service but i understand that in order for a game to be playable during the subscription period, it validates your membership (via the internet) and allows the game to be played.

Can anyone who was once a PS+ member, but now isnt...confirm this?

Blastoise2094d ago

That sounds terrible. O.o

Oh dear...

Dlacy13g2094d ago

@piroh and for those other wondering....
games that are disc based will ALL be installed to the hard drive. Proprietary tech will allow the game to be played with in seconds of being inserted into the system while the game will continue to install in the back ground. From then forward the game will play off the hard drive not the disc. With the exception of the first time you put the disc in you really will never play "off" the disc.

aquamala2094d ago

how is this anti used games? get a used game, put it in, and install to hard drive.

Saigon2094d ago


I don't think you understand where @piroh is a little pissed at. There are hardcore gamers that buy or even play almost 5-10 games at a time. I can't do that, one game a pop for me and then on to next. With MS doing this, it means that a user has to be cautious of their space on their system all the time. This sort of reminds me of when I purchased the 4gig 360, I eventually had to purchase the extended hard drive because I couldn't do anything. whats is going to happen if MS only gives 500gb hdd and with the 50gb blu-ray being the minimal disk sized used, it can get a little ugly. Lets hope that MS makes this an option and not something mandatory.

jamz42094d ago


Your ps+ games are given an expiration date of when your subscription ends and can be played offline until then (you can check the date by pressing triangle and going to information). When you renew your sub it updates the expiration date automatically.

badz1492094d ago

wow dude, have you ever play a pc game before? have you seen any USED pc games like...EVER?

Dlacy13g2094d ago

@Saigon I think you are assuming the hard drive is going to be small and limiting...we have no idea what the HDD size will be yet. This is just another example of people freaking out before knowing the whole picture. IF MS comes and says mandatory HDD installs and you only have a 500GB or smaller HDD then I will be first to say.... that blows and give me more space!

FamilyGuy2094d ago (Edited 2094d ago )

I'm pro-sony in all aspects and I still think some of you need to think more logically about this.

The no used games and always online are negatives but playing games off the HDD isn't that big of a deal and probably helps with load speeds.

Blu-ray disc drives don't have a very high disc read speed so this may be their answer to combat that. The PS4 comes with a 6x drive, who knows what speed the next xbox will come at but what we do know is currently PS3 games duplicate assets to combat the slow read speed problem. Look at how long load times were for first gen PS3 games compared to what they are now. It was horrible and they solved the problem by creating doubles on the disc so it wouldnt have to read from an older, time consuming, location.

The next xbox is supposed to have a 500Gb HDD standard so you'd just have to delete the games you arent playing once that's filled. The ability to play WHILE it's installing already means that if you delete it and then come back to it you STILL won't have to wait (in theory). Also, they'll obviously be larger HDD options as well (at a price or some bundled model).

This isn't all that surprising to me.

Also, I expect the PS4 to have a MINIMUM of a 500Gb hard drive as well though 750Gb-1Tb is more likely for Sony.

I'm not all that interested in Microsoft's next console to begin with but it'd be nice for them to officially come out about the system soon.

darthv722094d ago

thanks for clearing that up. The reason i wasnt so sure is because (in my case) when I play a game on my vita, it always connects to the internet first and then i can play.

Maybe its doing an auto update thing instead of validating my sub but that is why i was associating the two.

It makes sense to have an expiration date as unless you are on a 3g plan, you arent always going to be in a place with wifi to connect/validate over the web.

As for the hdd install thing. i still think it wont "fully" install the game but just some assets to verify the copy you put in the drive matches the key installed to the system. Otherwise you could run out of space real quickly depending on the size of the hdd (if they include one at all).

Maybe (and this is MAYBE) we all need to take a chill and wait for something real to come from the mouths of MS.

HammadTheBeast2094d ago


I've said it before, and will say it again. If PC can do it, there's no reason a console shouldn't. Specs I understand, but honestly? Installing and then not being able to use the disk is bull. Might as well make it digital only.

Cryptcuzz2094d ago

I sure hope that is a joke or an incorrect info that would not make it in the final release.

If that is the case, they better release the next Xbox with 1 TB SKU and a 2 TB SKU for those who buys a lot of games and use their console as a media device as well.

On top of that, how long and tedious would someone have to wait to buy a game and wait for it to install upwards of 20 GB to 50 GB of data before they can start playing?

One thing I didn't like about the PS3 was sometimes needing to do a partial mandatory install. Even that is not the whole game and took sometimes upwards of 5 to 10 minutes.

I am glad Sony placed an emphasis on gamers not wanting to wait and would like to buy a game and play it right away during their Playstation conference for the PS4.

I truly hope this isn't true, since it is simply bad for all gamers. Fanboy or not, it is terrible for consumers in general.

Christopher2094d ago

***Blu-ray disc drives don't have a very high disc read speed***

Yes they do. In fact, they have a higher on average read speed than the variable rate DVD drives. 6x BD would be faster than current DVD drives in all areas and would easily deliver 1080p and 7.1 audio without issue.

ps3_pwns2094d ago

looks like im getting the ps4 for sure it would be dumb and borderline criminal as a gamer to even touch the x720 with this gaming slavery they are enacting. your console will always have to be connected to the internet to work. if you do not have internet microsoft will charge you 40 bucks a month so that you can have 3g or 4g internet and they will charge you editional fees for downloading games and such.

Saigon2094d ago


I am expecting them to go the route of 500gb. MS creates their own hdd for the 360, and I expect them to do the same with the Next Xbox. If they go with anything higher than a 500gb hdd, its going to get expensive. Right now the highest hdd that I know of is a 5TB thats available, but again it is very expensive. Granted they are going to get bigger, but if we expect them to place a 1TB into the Next Xbox, its going to be ridiculous in price and wouldn't make sense, but then again, it might be the right decision based on the specs of the system.

In my assumption if games are going to be placed on at least a blu-ray 50gb disk than we need to take into consideration that most games will be at least 50gb. I know MS is great at providing compression techniques but this is still a huge number. 500gb hdd at least 8-9 games, excluding the software on the system which may take more space than expected. Even with 1tb, it doubles that game number stored.

In assumption they may come out with a method where you can remove the game and install again for later use.

deadfrag2094d ago

Thank god we still have PS4,PC and Wii U,not even steam require me to be always online to play my games.Another thing is that atleast in 90% of the european countrys will not have acess to those cable and media features that the console seems to have for the US market,most people in EU will not pick this console because they dont see the meaning of having to be always on an connected online to play there games.I will not miss you Microsoft!

DeadlyFire2094d ago

Sounds like Windows or Steam/Origin type of deal. I detect Xbox Windows 820 coming up soon.

The plus side of this tech means we won't have to insert disc to play a game. This could relate more to XBL purchases than retail game discs. I suspect Sony's patent for similar tech was aimed at only PSN titles.

Dee_912094d ago

who said playing off HDD was a bad thing?I dont mind that at all.Its neither bad nor good.Its the fact that we wont be able to play used games,No more gamefly.If you know this than do you really want slightly faster load screens over used games ?

DOMination-2094d ago

Oh my god are you guys all seriously thick? You can still use the disk, its just that you won't need it if its installed to hdd. This is convenient as i won't have to keep getting up to swap discs if i want to play something else.

Basically sounds like XBL is turning into steam. And steam is universally praised on N4G.

madjedi2094d ago (Edited 2094d ago )

@family guy

Big fucking deal your going from being handicapped by "slow" optical drives, to a slow ass platter hdd.

It's still slow as hell regardless, the only way your statement would be accurate is if ms put solid state hard drives in the 720.

And the capacity needed just to make alot or all digital downloading remotely practical means it is a old fashioned platter hdd. Not unless you want to fork out a grand+ for the 720, with a large enough ssd.

Always on and always connected -_-. If net access is required for sp games, it will be lucky to get to half of the 360's sales. I really hope ms isn't that stupid.

We will see if this rumor is verified or proven false at e3 though.

We are stuck with rotational media for likely 1 last gen for games, the gen after the ps4 will likely use flash cards similar to the vita.

Deleting games you bought to make room for new games to buy, fuck that, it's called get a bigger hdd.

THC CELL2094d ago

Can't be true. What if the hard drive fills up

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sonicsidewinder2094d ago

"prance around in my room dancing to Tom Jones like Carlton from Fresh Prince of Bel Air"

You Too?!

Now I feel better.

SilentNegotiator2094d ago

It's not unusual to hear me cry. Always on DRM? I wanna die.

Buff10442094d ago

Everyone needs to see how both machines pan out on launch day. What Sony announced won't necessarily come to fruition. What Microsoft announces won't necessarily come to fruition. Inevitably...something will get cut, something else won't work as it should.

superterabyte2094d ago (Edited 2094d ago )

Microsoft hasn't announced anything. The problem here is that the same rumors keep arising. Not to mention that edge have been consistently correct with recent rumors. An always online console is such a bad idea. For example when I moved house my internet went down for about 1 and a half months. This means that if I had an always online games console all I would really have had was a brick.

There could also be temp network failures, hackers etc. Who at Microsoft sat down and said in today's world network infrastructures are reliable enough to be totally dependent on?

darthv722094d ago

man that would have sucked if you were serious into world of warcraft or any other MMO type of game where emphasis there is "online".

Never played it myself so I am not sure of an offline mode. Time to bust out the super nintendo or PS2.

Kurt Russell2094d ago

I'm with superabyte on this one, if I move house in the UK it can take over a month to be connected back up. If this means I can;t play offline, then I won't buy for this simple reason!

Reibooi2094d ago (Edited 2094d ago )

If they are using always on as a form of DRM it's suicide for this console. People get pissed when ONE PC game has this kinda thing and with a always on console every single game would do this.

I mean imagine going to the store buying the game you want to 60 bucks and then not being able to play cause your internet is down. You BOUGHT and OWN a physical copy of the game and can't play it. That is BS i am sorry to say. If that is what MS is aiming for I don't think they will be very successful.

Dlacy13g2094d ago

its always on as in just like you DVR at home...its always on, even if in a state of sleep so in a second it comes to life and works when you turn on your tv.


And what happens when your cablebox can't find the signal? Yup, that's the point, not how "always on" will work, but the implications of this feature.

Dlacy13g2094d ago

@bishop-br...there is mass speculation going on right now on the implications of this feature. From the end of used games to MS watching me all the time. What I have read and believe (again my opinion only), sounds like the box will be in a lower power state or elevated. Its connected just like you are connected to Steam and just like steam offline play is an option if connection is broken.