The New Monster Hunter Is Out, But One Of Its Biggest Features Isn’t

Kotaku - The ability to transfer save files across Wii U and 3DS versions of the new Monster Hunter series failed to go live on the game's North American launch day yesterday, despite being featured in the main trailer for the game.

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PopRocks3591918d ago

My guess is either they did not figure many people would buy both in quick succession or they just cut corners to release it faster.

Mr_Writer851917d ago

Either way its wrong to advertise a feature that isnt there.

PopRocks3591917d ago

Oh absolutely, I agree. I'm just trying understand why they did it.

MNGamer-N1917d ago

If I bought both right away, I would be a bit upset about this. But I only bought the WiiU version currently. Also missing is the ability to post screenshots to Miiverse, which I heard is coming in an update in April. Sounds like they released it without finishing everything. Rush, rush, out the door I guess.

Ness6191917d ago

It's being patched in like a day or two you REALLY need to play it both at home and on the go that much in the span of a few days?