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Why Sony Was Smart to Announce the PS4 First

Push Square: "Current Sony CEO, former PlayStation president, and lifelong Ridge Racer superfan Kaz Hirai is a smart man. In an interview with British newspaper The Times in late January, the executive offered a tidbit regarding the PlayStation 4 that threw everyone – including ourselves – off the scent. 'Why go first when your competitors can look at your specifications and come up with something better?' he pondered. Just over a week later, the platform holder promised to show us a glimpse of the future." (PS4, Xbox One)

MultiConsoleGamer  +   867d ago
It was definitely a bold move.

A smart move? That waits to be seen. It all depends on what happens at E3.
Septic  +   867d ago
Indeed. Well said mate- E3 will reveal all.

As far as early impressions go however, it really does seem to be quite a clever move on Sony's part for now. It sure has got me excited.
Ezz2013  +   867d ago
and the fact that every dev's have been saying othing but good things about ps4
MikeMyers  +   867d ago
It was a bold move and one that is working so far. It's got the media buzzing, it allows 3rd party publishers to at least talk about upcoming games and give Sony some extra marketing.

What it also does it put pressure on Nintendo and not allow them to get too much traction. The Wii U should have actually come out a year earlier. Now people may hold off waiting to find out more about the PS4 (and next Xbox).

I think Sony showed just the right amount. They didn't give all the details but they showed us enough to get us talking and not just rumors. It also ups the playing field and puts more pressure on Microsoft to deliver.
WrAiTh Sp3cTr3  +   867d ago
Smart? Sure. Bold? No. I'll leave the title "Bold" for releasing their console before MS, because imo, that would show confidence in what you are gonna offer.
Gaming101  +   867d ago
E3 may be a tell all, but the massive buzz around the PS4 has people itching just to get any amount of information on it. The buzz has everyone on edge, which is only a good thing if you're trying to get people excited about your console.

I mean really, Sony can't possibly screw this up after the culture clashes of the PS3 messaging, some of the messaging didn't translate well with cultures outside of Japan.

The comment about hoping people want to work more hours in order to pay for a PS3, that was something only Japanese people weren't offended by because it's just more in tune with Japanese culture. There are all sorts of things that seem tame or banal in some cultures, but other cultures would just go nuts if you did the same thing. Sony has its messaging down a bit better this time, and they aren't letting bigwig CEO's with no communication skills, and no understanding of international public relations to make statements that just might offend anyone who lives outside of your culture.
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Blastoise  +   867d ago
E3 2013 is gonna be so crazy.
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ajax17  +   867d ago
This E3 is going to be insane! Hopefully they'll bring stuff like Agent and The Last Guardian
Killzoner99  +   867d ago
You say bold like it's a bad thing. Sony is the boldest gaming company on the planet. They say they are going to do something amazing and they pull it off every time . No one else delivers like Sony does because no one else is as bold as they are. So when Sony says that they will change the world with the PS4 , I believe them like most do.
MultiConsoleGamer  +   866d ago
No I don't.

Boldness implies confidence. Confidence implies Sony is holding a strong hand and they know it.

Look into poker metaphors if you don't understand what I'm saying.
Gamer1982  +   866d ago
Smart yes as the amount of pre-orders made since the announcement have been huge and that alone made it worthwhile. People should never discount them as some online retailers require a deposit for a pre-order so people don't cancel them. Plus with all the negative news on MS console lately the pre-orders will only rise as 360 owners get touchy..
Number-Nine  +   867d ago
smart. it starts the hype machine that will peak at e3.
Captain Tuttle  +   867d ago
Until MS announces this is all fanboy drivel
ThanatosDMC  +   867d ago
I wonder who'll be dancing or which circus will be showing up.
Captain Tuttle  +   866d ago
All signs are pointing to the PS4 being a beast.
Knight_Crawler  +   867d ago
Very smart move by Sony but for some reason since I know some of what Sony will be offering with the PS4, it has me super interested to see what MS will be offering with the 720.

All these leaked rumors that we have been getting is making the wait even more unbearable.

I have never been interested to go to Cali and attend E3 bu this year that might change.

Its kind of like going out and you meet two girls, one is half naked and all over you while the other one is wearing a sexy dress that just shows here shape and she is playing hard to get.
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forcefullpower  +   866d ago
Problem is the hard to get girl is generally the most boring one that really doesn't care about you and just wants your money. I would rather have a girl that puts outs and show what she has got.
maniacmayhem  +   867d ago
Didn't Nintendo announce first?
a_squirrel  +   867d ago
WiiU isn't next-gen.
jmc8888  +   867d ago
First? Try third.

PC's have been in what is known as next gen territory for years. The Wii U was 2nd.

Which means PS4 is 3rd of 4.

I don't exactly call that first.

Now was it smart to go before Microsoft? Sure, but that's like saying Ford would be smart to announce a new car before Honda, forgetting that Ford and Toyota have not just already announced theirs, but they're on the market.
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Persistantthug  +   867d ago
@jmc8888.....just out of curiosity,
What next generation software tech in the form of games exists on the PC platform?
Hicken  +   866d ago
If you wouldn't mind, could you tell me what generation PC is on?

Also, you car analogy is mind-numbingly stupid. It could only work if auto makers followed the same sort of model as console makers: releasing just one model at a time, that would compete with the ONE model from all the other automakers. That ONE model would have to be the ONLY model for years, with no ability to upgrade or improve it beyond whatever the manufacturers provided for purchase. And it probably wouldn't work with the dozens of automakers- some found ONLY in certain countries unless exported at high prices- that exist on the market.

Yeah... stupid is the only way I can describe that one.

Still, though, I'd be interested in hearing what generation you think the PC is on, and how you determine the generational placement of PCs that are built with parts from different generations.
Gamer1982  +   866d ago
You count PC as nex-gen then count wiiu as next gen.. Your obviously trying too hard to prove a point.. Whats nex-gen? Technology or graphics? PC and wiiu are completely different in those terms.. So epic fail there..
josephayal  +   867d ago
who knows
im sure MS learnt a lot from the reaction the half PS4 reveal made and if they are clever enough know what to do come one up against Sony
Gamer1982  +   866d ago
Possibly but if MS wants there console out this year its gonna be hard to build a hype train as big as the ps4 one thanks to time from E3 till launch. Most people will be going into E3 caring about the negative stuff getting shot down rather than the big exclusives right now.
ps3_pwns  +   867d ago
for all the information for both next gen consoles that are out now the ps4 is the no brainer choice of the 2. We will see if gamers have higher order thinking skills or are they still prone to making choices that dont benefit them and gaming as a whole and opress thereselfs with always connected always online drm.
Lifebanisher  +   866d ago
i like your comment you pwned it man
Skynetone  +   867d ago
lets atleast wait for ms to announce the pathetic next xbox, before we declare a winner
StrawHatPatriot  +   867d ago
Well, it helps when Microsoft decides to do what they've been doing with the Xbox.

I think Sony did not %100 percent confirm Used Games just so that Microsoft would do it without hesitation, then use that as a selling point for the PlayStation 4.
danthebios  +   867d ago
Sony learned from their last mistake so it was a smart thing to do.
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JeffGUNZ  +   866d ago
Sonys mistake was RELEASING a year later and releasing at a higher price point. It really doesn't matter who reveals first, especially when everyone and their grandmothers know both MS and Sony will have next gen. consoles. It really comes down to who RELEASES first and what the price point will be. Reveal date is not that big of a deal. Now, if MS announces at E3, and won't release 6-12 months after PS4, then Sony has an upperhand, but I think both systems will releases around the same date, maybe a week or two different.
danthebios  +   864d ago
What if Sony and Ms release their console on the same date and time,guess there will be two long rows one for the ps4 and one for the xbox 720(durango?).
JeffGUNZ  +   864d ago
Hahah imagine the fanboys. They would gear up like they are going for war. I bet there would be so many fights. The world would end with all the chaos.
_FantasmA_  +   867d ago
Microfraud is going down once and for all! All hail the PS4. People will bow to it!

Grandma's Boy

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