Steam Early Access: A New Community Effort by Valve

GamersNexus: "In continuing this philosophy, Steam is now equipped with "Steam Early Access," a platform that allows players to play games pre-release and aid devs in testing for bugs and feature requests."

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NYC_Gamer2070d ago

Valve is really getting the community involved

MeatAbstract2069d ago

I think this is a great idea. Buying games in Alpha and letting the devs know the problems, the changes they'd like and it helps build the games community very early on meaning the community feels apart of the development process.

It worked wonders for Minecraft and DayZ.

SilentNegotiator2069d ago

I thought we were doing that already, the way so many games release these days...

FlyingFoxy2069d ago (Edited 2069d ago )

I hope we get to see Source 2 not too long from now, even if it's just to show off what it can do. Seeing's as it's been in development since late 2010 i'm guessing they have done a lot on it in that time. No idea how long it takes to fully complete though, HL1 to HL2 was 6 years including time it takes to make the game.. Hmm

jaymart2k2069d ago

But we already beta test full games on release , AC3 for example.

s45gr322069d ago

I hope is test the game before you buy but I do want to point out what kind of games are these.

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