Capcom's 2 PAX East Games are Digital, Capcom vs. SNK2 on PSN in April, Arcade Cabinet not on Vita

When PAX East begins in just a couple of days on March 22nd, Capcom will have “two NEW product announcements” during their World of Capcom panel at 12PM EST, but they offered no information past that small teaser.

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TrendyGamers1829d ago

I wouldn't mind checking our Capcom vs. SNK2

ForNgoods1829d ago

already have it on ps2 so I might pass on this one. too bad its a direct port, had the made it hd with online play I'd be first in line to d/l it.

dbjj120881829d ago

They still have awesome community stuff and lots of cool swag to get/buy. I'd still stop by their booth.

Rai1829d ago

to bad its not a HD remake.

Godmars2901829d ago (Edited 1829d ago )

Does this come with arcade cabinets for Home for the PS3?

Hell, if you had to pay a $1 extra for each I'd still be interested. More so if guests could play them w/o having to have the games.

Sevir1829d ago

I'm sure the title is going to be Strider game for xbla and Psn. As for The other announced game I hope its a strider reboot for the PS4 and Next Xbox with the Panta Rhei engine.

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