Crossing the ‘uncanny valley’: Nvidia’s Faceworks renders realistic human faces

GamesBeat shows videos of Digital Ira, the result of Nvidia's Faceworks technology for rendering human faces. Does it cross the uncanny valley? See for yourself.

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deantak1768d ago

I think Ira looks much better than Dawn.

AronDeppert1768d ago

Pretty soon we won't need people in games!

GribbleGrunger1768d ago

You do know that people in games aren't real?

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1768d ago

Think he means we won't need people for face animation. can't wait for ps5!

GribbleGrunger1768d ago

I know. I was just playing :)

coolmast3r1768d ago

Ira actually impressed me with the animation system. It feels so lifelike...

blackbirdi1768d ago

tech demos looks always amazing i want to see demos from upocomming games

LordOfAdmirals1768d ago

real life faces will bankrupt!
CGI will bankrupt!
GPUs will profit!

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The story is too old to be commented.