Kratos Should Retire For A Bit - Areas Santa Monica Should Visit

PGN - After beating God of War III, it was thought that Kratos journey had finally ended. The saga had been completed and most of what was thought had been explored was explored. However, just last year Santa Monica announced Ascension, which was yet another prequel in the franchise. Now that the title has finally been released, it may be time for Kratos to hang up the old sword and chain and for Santa Monica to finally explore some other reaches.

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xHeavYx2068d ago

I don't think there is a reason to get rid of Kratos, not even for a while. Santa Monica could make the next GOW game and still include other mythologies in the form of gods trying to rule Olympus

Nitrowolf22068d ago (Edited 2068d ago )

Honestly, I love Kratos and all but I would like to see Santa Monica focus on a new character. Kratos had many faults, but those were the reasons why we loved him so much.

I don't want them to get rid of Kratos, perhaps have him make a comeback in a couple of years later, but me personally I would not like to see him make appearances as the main character in other mythologies. It would be more interesting IMO if they just started off a new character with a completely different background and such facing off against the gods.

I'm fine with knowing how it ended in GOW3, even though it is a bit of a cliff hanger (dev confirmed that the ending is open).


true that, but it's not like it will be like a DMC reboot.

I am excited for Second Son, and while am sadden by Cole's absent they did set-up Infamous as a Universe rather than a single center person.

I mean, I just don't see a reason why Kratos should be in a Norse mythology. Regardless, his fight was with the Greek gods, storywise it wouldn't make sense to me for a man who already lost everything and had his revenge.

smashcrashbash2068d ago

You know how risky that is? We will have to listen to years of 'Where is Kratos why didn't you use Kratos instead of this guy?'. People are already starting to whine about Cole not being the main character in the next Infamous game.If we were talking to people with common sense letting some take over in the next game and giving Kratos a break would be fine. But you are talking about people who will spitefully boycott the game unless they have him.

raWfodog2067d ago (Edited 2067d ago )

Kratos is, by far, my favorite video game character and even I think it would be a good idea to have him take a backseat in the sequel.

I think a good idea would be to give him a son (Aphrodite could be the mother) who will do battle with evil forces that have gained power since his father killed off much of the god hierarchy in his quest for revenge. His son would have god-like strength just like his father and, at some point in the game, he can even meet his father who self-exiled himself from the world while he recovered from his severe injuries.

It could work... :)

Eldyraen2067d ago

Although technically true (power vacuum from entire pantheon wiped out) the most natural choice would be Roman mythos and those gods are just too similar IMO. Granted there are ways to take it new locales (Greeks after all were well travelled and in Ascension a few enemies eluded to that--Elephantaur especially).

I wouldn't mind a small break though where they did something totally new giving them more time for a full fledged and worthy successor to GoW3 (Ascension wasn't it--good but not near as great).

Kran2067d ago

If Naughty Dog can make something new (TLOU) then sure as hell SM can.

Good_Guy_Jamal2067d ago

I second that! Enough with the revenge and the anger and shouting. I think they should just work on a new IP altogether for a while and then come back to God of War in 5 years or so.

Skips2067d ago

Well Sony Santa Monica IS working on a new IP soooooooo........

Omegasyde2067d ago

Hopefully they are working on heavenly sword 2. It seems however they help alot with almost every psn game.

RyuCloudStrife2067d ago

I hope they work on an RPG...

clintagious6502067d ago

I would still love to see another god of war game on the ps4 aslong as they create another ip like naughty dog has done to keep things fresh. U cant sit there and tell me god of war is getting old when there are new call of duties made every year. I like how there is a new god of war game every 2, 3 years.

C-Thunder2067d ago

Shooters are a lot like sports games. As long as the focus lies in multiplayer they can release many games.

Something like God of War needs a strong story and there comes a point when it's over. Once you get there, new games just feel uninspired.

If they want to continue with similar game play, that's fine, but it's time for a new character and new themes.

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