Audio Interview with Ubisoft Quebec on Duel of Champions and other Details

I recently spoke with Producer Stephane Jankowski and Game Designer Jared Pearson of the Might and Magic: Duel of Champions team at Ubisoft Quebec, in this audio interview. Duel of Champions (still in Beta phase) is a PC Free to Play card game that is also available to play on iPAD in some countries. If you’re up for the adventure you can visit the official website,

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masterabbott2094d ago

due of champions is a great game. and even though its free u dont have to spend any money to get the great quality cards in the game.

militissanctus2094d ago

I love CCG/TCG games! Gonna show these chaps some love!

militissanctus2094d ago

A Toys R Us game? Really? :|